[AMRadio] Numbers Stations - NPRs slant

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 14 02:18:47 EST 2004

>I used to be a phone phreak in my younger days back when the blue box (for 
>free long distance called) used to work.
>The coin sounds in a payphone is called a red box. Doesn't work on COCOT 
>(customer owned) payphones because the dialtone you hear is not from Ma 
>Bell's line but generated by the phone.

A young entrepreneur named Steve Jobs and a friend started out manufacturing 
blue boxes as a garage enterprise.  After they accumulated some capital, 
they decided to go legitimate, and switched to producing a very crude and 
primitive (by today's standards) computer.  That product is what got the 
personal computer revolution started.  They named their company APPLE 

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