[AMRadio] NPR, one solution for lousy radio

CHRIS PAPAIOANNOU amateur at ipnet.gr
Sun Nov 14 14:08:34 EST 2004

73 to all list members,
Brian and everyone who's intersested (it's not a promotion just an info),
there are AM and FM PLL digital transmitters in kit  ham made here in  SV
land also.AM covers the AM broadcast band (512-1800Khz)with 1khz step,>60db
harmonic filtering,pll unlock,antenna output with SO239(VHF)50ohms,swr
protection,swr/pwr meter,led for high swr,led for lock,thermal protection
etc.Pwr outs 75,150,300 watts.
FM covers 88-108Mhz,0-1.5 watts broadband,50khz step from LCD,PLL of course
controlled,audio frequency response 50hz-15khz,pre-emphasis(selectable
50,75uS of flat),stability >+/-200hz,harmonic filtering >-50dbc,spurious
emissions>-85dbc(pcb's dimensions 13,7cmX12,2cm).I'm not sure if these kits
can be seen at www.radiomagazine.com but this is not a serious problem as i
can find it out.
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> On 13 Nov 2004 at 21:52, Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> > I got a real nice 1 watt synthesized transmitter with a digital
> > frequency readout, nice stereo separation and good fidelity.
> > With an outside antenna, it goes blocks, never tried to figure
> > out just how far.
> > 1 watt with a good antenna should go miles.
> >
> > I tried cordless headphones, the ramsey stuff, and other FM
> > transmitter kits, and the range was lousy.
> > I like to wander around while listening, go out back of the house and
> > smoke,
> > make some tea, etc (plenty of old buzzards on the air!).
> >
> > The transmitter was about $100.00 but its very well made, and very
> > clean.
> > Its not a kit, and has a very large heat sink.
> > It has no case, just the display mounted on a circuit board,
> > you push buttons to change frequency and other options, the back
> > of the board holds the heat sink.
> >
> > There used to be a lot of the same things on ebay, I have not looked
> > lately.
> >
> > A cordless mike with some sort of remote keying of the transmitter would
> > be
> > cool,
> > you could be out mowing the lawn and on the air...
> >
> > Brett
> > N2DTS
> Brett - is this the same thing as the DC Electronics one?
> Or who makes it?
> Where do we get one?
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