[AMRadio] Microphone cable

Geoff/W5OMR w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Nov 21 11:55:47 EST 2004

> I am looking for a 6 foot piece of  audio cable, the kind with two conductor
> with shield.  This is the older style black rubber cable for a studio
> microphone for my Collins 30K-1.  Mouser and others will not sell that short
> of piece.

Dave, go to any musician's source type of place that sells/deals in amplifiers
microphones, etc.  All of them have balanced audio cable, that typically uses
XLR type of connectors on 'em.  Same stuff, just more modern-day.

Typically, they'll have a peice laying around from the end of a roll, or after
creating some custom-length cables.  If you ask nicely, the shop owner might
just -give- you some.

73 = Best Regards,

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