[AMRadio] FS: Vintage Radio Literature

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Nov 22 11:19:04 EST 2004

For Sale: Vintage Radio Literature. Media Mailing cost additional.

ARC-5 Bench Test & Alignment Procedure, clean copy with fold-outs. $7

Electric Radio  #99, July 1997. $1

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-20, 1960. Excellent. Looks almost new. $12

RCA Transmitting Tube Manual TT-5, 1962. Looks excellent. Almost like new. $12

Alfred A. Ghirardi, Modern Radio Servicing, Hardback with original dust jacket, 1st ed., 1935. Dirty page edges but really the nicest one of these that I have ever seen. $12

Airguide Publications Flight Guide, Airport and Frequency Manual for Central & Eastern USA, revised through 1978. Small looseleaf about 300 pages. $8

Allied Radio Coil Winding Cardboard Slide Rule, 1943, fair condition. $1

ARRL Radio Amateur's VHF Manual, 1st ed., Ed Tilton, 1965. Cover and edge wear. $5

David Kahn, Siezing The Enigma, Excellent Hardback with original dust jacket, 1991, $12

Colonel William V. Kennedy, Intelligence Warfare, excellent hardback with original dust jacket, 1983, large format photo-history type book. $9

Merit Transformers & Coils, Catalog 5211, 1951, good. $4

ARRL Antenna Anthology, 1978, excellent paperback, large format. $8

ARRL Antenna Compendium Vol. 1, 1985, excellent paperback, large format, 1985. $8

ARRL Antenna Compendium Vol 2. Excellent paperback, large format. 1989. $8

William I Orr, Simple, Low-Cost Wire Antennas, 1972, excellent paperback. $9

Pat Hawker, Amateur Radio Techniques, 7th ed., RSGB, 1980. Excellent paperback. $11

ARRL, John Devoldere, ON4UN, Antennas & Techniques For Low Band Dxing, 1994. Excellent paperback, large format. $11

The Transmitter magazine. This is a company newsletter from The Foxboro Company, makers of hydraulic equiment and other manufacturing control systems. 25 issues covering 1967-1970 with gaps. One ham-related photo in the whole batch. $8/all

QCWA Journal, 4 issues 1991-1993 with gaps, $4/all

Burnstein-Applebee 1977 catalog, good. $3

Radio News, January, 1944, Military Listening Device on cover. $3

Radio-Craft, February, 1943, nice. $3

Radio In The Good Old Days, 1989, special ed. Of The Gool Old Days Magazine. Nice. $3

Restoring an Atwater Kent Model 40, photocopy. $2

Motorola HEP Seminconductor Short Form Catalog, 1977, new in wrapper. $1

Radio Shack 1974 Catalog, $1

Hallicrafters SX-117 Operating & Service Instructions, photocopy. $5

Hallicrafters HT-44 Operaing & Service Instructions photocopy. $5

Northern Radio Type 152 Dual Frequency Shift Tone Converter Manual copy. $4

Pierson-Holt KE-93 Brochure, price list, cover letter. 1956. $4

Sylvania News Technical Section, May, 1949, Featuring Sylvania 221 Polymeter VTVM. $1

AWA AWA Monograph #1 by Gerald F. Tyne, The RJ4 Detector and the Wallace Mystery, 1978, $2

Delco Fender or Cowl Type Aerials 18" x 36" Orange and Blue poster, new, folded, not fragile, about 1955?. $5

Delco Picture Tubes poster, about 18" x 36", maybe 1955?, orange and Blue, folded, new. $5

European Car Guide Magazine, 1958 issue dedicated to the VW Bug. Nice. $4

IRC Solar Energy News pamphlet featurng plans for solar powered 160M TX and RX. Very simple. RX is xtal set. $1

Heathkit IM-2215 DMM manual copy. $5

Draper-Maynard Sport Equipment Catalogs (2) 1939-1940. Hilarious football helmet section. $8/both

Amateur TV Quarterly 1993-1994, 3 issues. $7

ARRL Operating An Amateur Radio Station 33rd ed. 1953. $1

ARRL Minlog Logbook. Unused. 1957. $1

ARRl Emergency Communications, 1963. $1

H. Charles Woodruff, Shortwave Listener's Guide, Sams, 3rd ed., 1968. Good paperback. $2

Sams Tube Substitution Handbook, 17th ed., 1974, no covers. $1

USAF, Fundamentals of Radio, Study Guide MB 885.1, 1955, nice, 100p, $2

B&W Model 400 Distortion Metr manual copy. $5

Eico 324 Sig Gen manuals, operating & construction (originals). $5

Lysco 1951 Catalog & Price Sheet. Original. About 10 to sell. $3 each

M.C. Jones MM1 Micro Match article/manual. Original reprint from 1947 QST.  10 to sell. $2 each.

Bud Catalog 138 (1938). Excellent. $5

Military TM 11-624 covering the MRC-2 radio sets (BC-610H and I models and BC-342 receivers). Water damage but still perfectly useable. 1953. $7

Military TM 11-624A covering the later (1955) MRC-2C and MRC-2D radio sets (BC-610I, amplifier AM-141A and Collin R-388 receivers). Good. 1955. $11

Montgomery Ward 1949 Electronic Equipmnt Catalog. Sepia-tone. Fragile pages. $3

Carron 1938-1939 catalog. Nice. $4

Radio Magazine "Service Man's Supplement" set from 1930, 4 issues. $5

Waters 334A Dummy Load Watt Meter original manual. $4

Heathkit HRA-10-1 Crystal Calibrator original manual. 1967. $1

Mallory CRT-1 Cap. Resistance Tester original manual. 1952. Good. $4

Atwater Kent Instructions For Open Mounted style Receiving Sets. Reprint. 1929. $1

Heathkit EF-2 manual copy (W7FG). $5

Walker-Jimieson 1953 Catalog. $1

Bendix Model 847S Field Test Receiver original manual. $5

Bendix Radio, Notes on FM Antennas pamphlet. 1946. $2

Sprague Printed Circuit Replaement Manual. 1956. Not what we think of as Printed Circuits. $2

Ward Aerials Catalog 1938. Nice. $2

Antenna Engineering V-37, V-70, V-72  ham antenna brochures with cover letter. 1955. $1

Yaesu FT-DX560 original brochure and schematic. Folded. $2

Mims Radio Co. Signal Squirter Antenna Brochure. 1930's wooden-frame beam antennas. $3

Radio Shack Flyer, Spring, 1961. $1

Arcturus Electronic Catalogs, 1963, 1965 & 1969. $1

Barry's Green Sheet Catalog Supplement 22, 1971. $1

Mallory Capacitors For AC Motor Starting, brochure. 1930's. $1

Birnbach Catalog #41. 1941. $2

Mallory ATR Vibrator Power Supplies Brochuire set with price list. 1946. $1

Olson Battery Charger KB-39-5A Battery Charger Kit Instructions. $1

Hallicrafters Carnegie Hall TV brochures (2). 1950s. One is dirty. $2

RCA Radiola 17 & 18 schematics ripped out of a Beitman's boook. $1

Simpson Model 383A Capohmeter manual copy. $5. I also have one of these meters for sale for $20 with another copy of this manual but no test leads.

Astron RS-35A schematics & info. $1

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, Fragments From France, WWI cartoons. Part one. 1918. $20

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, Fragments From France, WWI cartoons. Part five. 1918. $20

ARRL Operating an Amateur Radio Station 32nd ed., 1952. $1

Kodak Filters, 1957 brochure. $1

Acratest Products Co. Inc. Amplifier Model No 47 original manual. Designed to operate from 6VDC battery. Class A 15 watts. Uses 4 6B5 tubes in push-pull-parallel. Undated. 1930s. $1

ARRL QST Binder for small format QSTs. $4

Sams 101 Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM. Good paperback. 1960. $5

ARRL The Radio Amateur's License Manual. 66th ed. 1971. Cover wear. $1

Ameco Commercial Radio Operator's License Guide. Paperback with torn cover. 1963. 2nd ed. $1

ARRL Technician General Q&A Book. 1979. $1

ARRL. Novice Q&A Book. 1979. $1

Hy Gain Model 3806 2M VHF FM Handheld original manual. $2

RTTY. 1960-all 12 issues. Famous RTTY magazine edited by Merrill Swan. $12

RTTY Journal. December, 1974 issue. $1

Simpson Electric, 1001 Uses For The 260 VOM. 1965. Good paperback. Essential for 260 owners. $11

ARRL: Single Sideband For The Radio Amateur. 1st ed. 1954. Spine worn. $3

Allied. The Best Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM. 1st ed. 1967. $2

E. E. Zepler, The Technique of Radio Design. 1943. Hardback. 300p. $9

US Navy, Chapter 67, Instructions Relative To Radio Equipment, 1944. Compendium of definitions and procedures. No specific equipment covered. $1

Wayne Green. Ham RTTY. Paperback book. 1963. Nice shape. $7

ARRL 1965 Handbook. Coming Apart but still useable. $4

Boyd Larson. Transistor Fundamentals and Servicing. 1974. Nice hardback with dust jacket. $5

Heathkit Code Practice Oscillator CO-1 original manual. $1

Robert G. Middleton. TroubleShooting With The Oscilloscope. Sams paperback. 1st ed. 1962. 150+ pages. Nice. $6

Crowhurst and Cooper, High Fidelity Circuit Design. Gernsback Library No. 56. 1959 Hardback with poor dust jacket. Even has a short chapter on "Improving Old Amplifiers.". 200+ pages. $11

Camerradio 1941 Catalog. Cover beat up. 250 pages. Similar to Allied catalogs. Useful reference. $4

Camerradio 1949 Catalog. Nice shape. 250 pages. Similar to Allied catalogs. Useful reference. $4

Camerradio 1950 Catalog. Nice shape. 250 pages. Similar to Allied catalogs. Useful reference. $4

Don Stoner. The New Sideband Handbook.  Cowan #103. 1958. Cover & spine wear. $3

Archer Transistor Substitution Guide. 1972. $1

Calectro FET Circuit Book. 1973. Short projects book. $1

Marcus and Levy. Practical Radio Servicing. 550 pages. Good hardback. One of the best ever. An essential guide for anyone learning tube radio repair. $8

Heathkit EF-3 W7FG manual copy. Nice. $5

Shure Brothers Microphone Models 55x Data Sheet No. 195D. 1942. Original. $5

Radio News. July, 1926. No covers. Enjoyable Reading. $1

Radio News. April, 1927. No covers. $1

Eimac. Build Your Own Transmitter. A Guide For Designers. Nice original. $6

Tektronix 181 Time Mark Generator original manual. $5

Allied 1973 Industrial Catalog. $1

Speed Age Magazine. July, 1950. Racing cars and boats. Fair to poor condition. $5

Federal Radio Commission Rules Governing Amateur Radio Stations and Operators, 1933. $1

Philco Model 022 Cathode ray Oscilloscope User Manual. No schematic. 1938. $1

Sylvania, How To Make A Transistorized Portable Radio, and 20 other practical applications for RF transistors, 1956, paperback, cover wear. $2

RCA MI-6206/6207 Pressure Microphone User Guide, undated. $1

Edge Machine Co. Antique Classic Auto Parts Catalog. Undated. 1970s. $1

Free Stuff

Lincoln Engineering School Pamphlet
National Employment Information Service booklet set-1954
How to do Electrical Wiring
Richter, Wiring Simplified, 1946
How To Make Your Own Electrical Repairs
Navy Dept, Application for Civilian Technical Corps, 1942
Radio Broadcast Laboratory Information Sheets, collection of about 100 3x5 card size clippings, 1927-1929
Hygrade Sylvania Auto Radi Installation and Servicing, 1936-1937 (2 issues)
333 Motor Repair Problems Solved, Tab Booklet, 1964
Vernon Pass Book, used to log broadcast stations, with notes
F.S. Winger, How To Build Efficient Radio Sets, 1920's, small booklet, one circuit using 01A's 
Centralab Volume Control Guide, 1936
Mallory Condenser Service & Replacement Manual, 1936
Edlie Electronics 1949 flyer
Icom IC-761 original brochure
Philco Serviceman pamphlet, 1941
Philco Tubes Price List, 1940
Hallicrfaters 5R10A Photofact copy
Hallicrafters S-17, SX-17 Riders copy
Sears 6438, 6439 Riders copy
National NC-44, NC-45 Riders copy
Military BC-659 schematic and conversion info copy
Photo book torn out pages featuring telegrpah instruments and ocean cable laying, etc.
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