[AMRadio] AM Usage with Linear AMPS

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Nov 22 17:48:40 EST 2004

On 22 Nov 2004 at 8:29, Brett gazdzinski wrote:

> Hummmm,
> How many 811a's in that amp?
> If 4, then I think the 811a has 65 watts of plate dissipation, 4x65=260.
> Cut 260 watts in half for 130 watts of carrier output, but I doubt I
> would
> run them
> that hard. The power supply likely wont take that much abuse, its
> designed
> for
> ssb service, very low duty cycle!
> Figure maybe 100 watts out, but watch things closely.

25 watts out per 811A with 100 watts p.e.p. - heck you can do 
better than that woth sweep tubes.
I am certain you can run 811As at double that power in 
AM linear service with impunity.

50 watts AM output is surely not going to hurt a good ole 811A, 

I have done similar with several 4X 811A linear amps and 
they didn't even glow red, let alone pop a tube!

With forced air cooling they should be fine.
Am I crazy?

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