[AMRadio] AM Usage with Linear AMPS

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Mon Nov 22 22:29:42 EST 2004

I don't know, I never had any linear amps.

I suppose you can run them as high as you like provided:

The plate dissipation is not exceeded (ccs45 watts, icas 65 watts per tube),

The modulation peaks don't get cut off,

The power supply can take the constant current and peaks.

The actual class of service might come into play,
AB1, AB2, or class B.

>From what I have heard, some modern amps have really wimpy
power supplies.

Looking at the tube info in the RCA book, I don't have any idea how to
out the maximum pep and AM carrier ratings.

In class B audio, you can push a pair of 811A's to 340 watts.
Would that be like 340 watts pep?
1/4 carrier power would be 85 watts of carrier for 2 tubes at 1500 volts.

If you go by the AB2 info, at 1500 volts you get 160 watts pep for two
That's 40 watts of carrier, 80 watts out for 4 tubes, in ICAS service
per RCA.

Now, if you don't assume 4 times the carrier power under modulation, you can
up the carrier power I guess, or even limit the peaks.
Say you figure on only 2 times the carrier, you could maybe get
a lot more carrier output. 160 watts with 2 times the carrier modulation,
4 tubes at 1500 volts.


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