[AMRadio] AM Usage with Linear AMPS

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> My experience (which is very little when it come to these sweep tube
> rigs) is they or rated for a belch or some thing short and don't hold up
> to a fix channel field day adventure with out tube replacement.  I had a
> DuaoBander mobile for a while rated a 400 watts PEP input I never saw
> more than 150 watts output while whistling in the mike.  It was in
> perfect condition and would light a 50 watt bulb with normal speech.  I
> thought it would have blown it out.  I was very disappointed. Yet, it
> was one of the most heard radios all over the country by many AMers in
> the late 80s.

Well, yeah... when you had the Q of the antenna at about 50, or so 

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