[AMRadio] FS: Holidaze Ten Buck List

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Tue Nov 30 08:33:41 EST 2004

Don, would you happen to have any small fixed vacuums?  I need a 15 pf that
is identified as a Jennings X15.

3-1/2 inches long by about 1 inches in diameter with two connectors about
the size of a 807 plate cap.


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FOR SALE: The Holidaze Ten Buck List (mostly..). All untested and AS-IS
unless stated otherwise.

E. F. Johnson TN750 neutralizing capacitors (pair).  These are huge, 750
watt neutralizing caps. They stand 10 inches tall and are about 5 inches
wide at their biggest point. These are the kind that have a small aluminum
cylinder going down on a long threaded bolt into a larger aluminum cylinder.
They are in excellent original condition with some light surface corrosion
on the steel mounting parts. They may be unused but I can't tell for sure.
$80 for the pair.

Simpson 269-B 100,000 ohms per volt VOM. Small chip out of case. No handle.
No probes. Has beat up original leather case. Movement seems to be good.
Looks good. As-is. $10

Homebrew command set receiver power supply with good filtering. Nicely built
but no cabinet. As-is. $10

Homebrew power supply for the LM frequency meter. One small chassis. No
cabinet. $10

Hallicrafters receiver power transformer. With black square Halli "h" cover
on top. Still attached to 5Z3 rectifier socket and loose wiring. Original
usage unknown. $10

Rambler car radio. Solid state. Unworking. With knobs. $5

Box of VHF Tubes: 832A, used with socket, 5894 used, 3E29 used, 2 NOSB JAN
956, NOSB 9001 JAN, NOSB 9002 Ken-Rad, 4 used 955, 1 used 9004, 1 used 9001.

1 NOSB RCA 3-pin 927 photocell. $10

Heathkit IM-5210 direct-reading KVDC probe (probe with meter on handle) and
long ground clip cord. $10

Precision Series 85 20K ohms per volt VOM with original leather case in
beautiful, almost like new  cosmetic condition. But meter movement has
literally fallen apart. No probes. $10

Military, 1954-vintage GRA-14 control box set. The GRA-14 as a typical
post-ware BC-610/R-388 radio truck setup for Teletype and phone. These
control boxes connect between the phones, key, teletype machines and BC-614
speech amp. This et of 3 includes 2 C-1306 control boxes and one C-1307.
They are all original and probably unused. Dirty with paint scratches. Heavy
steel. $10/all 3

Military Multimeter ME-70B/PSM-6A. Very marked-up steel case, with lid,
handle and probes. Looks good inside. Untested but probably working if it
had batteries. $10

Waterman OCA-11A "Industrial Scope". Very small, almost hand-held 2 inch
scope with probes. Case has probably been repainted. Untested. As-is. $10

Knife switches. 4 small, plastic-base DPDT type. 3 black that match and 1
brown that doesn't. $5/all 4

Ameco VHF Balun Model VB-1 matches 50-75 ohm coax to 300 ohm twin lead.
Probably low power handling because it is small. $5

Pace 5403A PWR/SWR meter. Looks like up to 100 watts. One slide switch is
broken and needs replaced. $10

Prime M131 big green Japanese bullet crystal microphone. $15

Knight P-2 SWR/PWR meter with remote coupler. Very dirty. $10

Small box of NOS pilot lamps. NOSB: 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 51 plus maybe 30
more loose ones. $10

Tektronix 465 oscilloscope accessory bag. This is the heavy vinyl bag with a
metal back that mounts on the top of the scope to hold the accessories. This
one has a Tek 465 operator's manual, ground glass screen, spare fuses and
collapsible viewing hood. Nice shape. No probes. $10

Hoyt 0-15 DC Amperes bakelite-cased meter with binding posts for
connections, in steel carry case with leads. Mirrored scale. Seems to be in
nice shape. $8

Military SCR-274N command set transmitter BC-458A made by Western Electric.
Covers 5.3-7mc. Bare aluminum is dirty but should clean up well. Has top
tube cover and bottom cover. Has all tubes and the crystal except one 1625
is missing. Front panel is drilled full of holes above the roller inductor
window. The cover is missing from the roller inductor window but the
inductor and follower are still there. The rear connector is present but it
has been soldered to.  I don't see this set as a good restoration project
but probably a good parts donor. $13

Homebrew power supply for one command set transmitter. This looks small to
me. It has one 5Y3 rectifier and one 0D3 regulator. The HV transformer is
made by Haldorson. On a small steel chassis with no panel or controls. $6

Multi-Elmac power supplies. I have two of these and I can't tell which Elmac
rig they are supposed to be used with, maybe the AF-54. They have 2
vibrators in sockets and everything else is in a cage on the chassis. One of
these has several unoriginal holes and the vibrators and fuses are missing.
The other one looks to be complete with vibrators and fuses and all
original. No tag or other useful info. Are these 6V? 12V? 125VAC? I have no
idea. $20/both

Multi-Elmac AF-67 transmitter. This one has the older style knobs and shows
its age. The top cover is drilled into swiss cheese. But the front panel is
original and will probably clean up well. I did not look inside and I know
nothing about the internal condition of this set. $35

Simpson 383A Capohmmeter. Direct-reading capacitance meter preferred by many
over the Sprague TO-line. This one needs a claean up and probably some
restoration. With manual copy but no test leads (banana plug style
required). $15

Eico 435 3-inch oscilloscope. Small, bench servicing scope with probably no
more than 100Khz bandwidth. Exceptionally clean front panel and very clean
case. With all 3 probes: Direct, low capacity and demodulator. But 2 of the
probes are missing their banana plugs. The scope gets a trace but has no
horizontal sweep. Well worth restoring. $15

2 Eldico HF low-pass filters. Big and ugly. SO-239 in and out. $15/both

Turner 99 dynamic microphone. With yoke. Has been painted gloss black and
paint is falling off. $10

3-Count em!-3 code practice oscillators. Bud CPO-155T (transistorized). Runs
on 2 AA cells. Really old ICA "Signa-Tone" in a gray wrinkle painted steel,
slant-front meter-style case. Runs on 115VAC and uses one octal tube which
is missing). Finally, there is one 1966-vintage Eico EC-1000 code oscillator
kit built into a slant-front meter case with a speaker (no headphone jack).
This one is solid state and uses a 9V battery. It comes with the original
manual.  $15/all 3

End of list.
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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