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Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Wed Oct 6 21:23:00 EDT 2004

Nitrous oxide is a powerful oxidizer.

During ancient times when you could buy the stuff and nobody knew
it was dangerous (and before sulphur dioxide was added in order
to melt the lungs of anyone who 'gasses up'), I won many a bet,
that I could burn a hole in an aluminum pie plate with a cigarette.

0. light cigarette (use a marlboro red or 100 with no holes in

1. inhale nitrous

2. with cigarrette in mouth, bring pie plate up to coal.

3. exhale slowly through cigarette, turning its tip into a white
hot torch. (haste wastes nitrous, sloth decreases temperature)

4. burn through the plate. the aluminum is consumed to ash.

quite safe actually, unless you count the intoxication factor.
The crazy stuff of the past.. whew. makes me wonder how I
survived, stayed out of jail, and became successful.

In any case, there's your field expedient torch.

From: SBJohnston at aol.com
And the fuel is the reaction of rubber and nitrous oxide.

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