[AMRadio] B&W 5100B Modulation Update

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Oct 13 15:34:57 EDT 2004

With all this attention to the 5100B, I would like to know if anyone 
has a scan of the dial scale, or know if anyone makes a replacement?

73  Jim

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> Yes there is a plate current position and it shows a definite rise 
> in
> current with modulation. There are dual 5U4's in the supply 
> feeding the
> finals and modulator and I swapped them both out with the same 
> results. I am
> leaning towards Gary suggestion that there is an impedance 
> mismatch causing
> excessive current draw. Does anyone have a 5100B or know what the 
> impedance
> of the primary and secondary should be. I will try another set of 
> caps this
> evening when I get home there are 2 , 40uf in series on the B+ 
> line.

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