[AMRadio] Dial scale for 5100b

Mark Bell bell at blazenet.net
Thu Oct 14 22:42:41 EDT 2004

They exist,  because I bought some.  They're from some guy in New Mexico.  I
think the price was $15 for a non-lamenated and lamenated pair.  I'll have
to dig up the envelope.  Gads,  and the way the shack looks....

Mark K3MSB

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Subject: [AMRadio] Dial scale for 5100b

> Jim,
> You might give Glen Zook a call,  seems like i remember him having those
> dial scales just a couple of years back. Also check in the little bitty
> in "ER", I have seen them there I know. BUTTT, as to which issue, enjoy
> your search....  :)  But Glen, I think may be a source of the scales and
> not the scales, the information where to get one.
> 73,
> Tony/W5OD
> River House Radio
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