[AMRadio] Liquidation Sale

Peter Wittenberg k2lrc at erols.com
Fri Oct 15 09:31:36 EDT 2004

Gee Dave, no Collins gear. Just kidding.  How much are you asking for 
the SP-600 adn the condition?
-73- Peter K2LRC

David Knepper wrote:

>Like new - SX-25, if you can find a better one, then buy it.
>Few small scratches on cabinet but none on front panel.
>SX-100 with speaker, NCX-5 with matching speaker and power supply and
>HRO-60 with matching speaker and coil set
>National NC-303 with matching speaker and VHF converters/case
>RCA AR-88 (no meter)
>Hammarlund PRO-310 with matching speaker
>Viking Ranger I and II
>I will not ship - Pickup only at the Collins Radio Center
>Make your best offer.   Would prefer to sell the lot.  If this equipment was
>worthy of being displayed at the CRC, then, it must be in excellent,
>operable condition.  Do not ask if there is a scratch on the back left
>corner near the mounting screw, etc.
>Thank you.
>Dave, W3ST
>Publisher of the Collins Journal
>Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
>Nets:  3805 Khz, Monday/Wednesdays 8 PM EDST
>          14250 Khz Saturday, 12 Noon EDST
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