[AMRadio] trade?

Geoff/W5OMR w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Oct 15 19:26:40 EDT 2004

> Geoff, what time zone are you located in ?


Daily, at least monday through friday (borrowing extinuating circumstances, like
prior family obligations, vacations and all the other stuff that comes BEFORE
hobbies) there's a group of guys that occupy 3.885Mc starting around 3:30'ish
to around 4:00am.  Mostly 5's, but Robert/W0VMC has been known to check
in, and brother Dave/W4QCU in Oak Ridge, TN is noted for his bi/tri-weekly
appearences... during the winter months, there's people from Coast to Coast
and Border to Border that are on 3.880/3.885.

We -try- to break off, and fire up a new QSO, when there gets to be around
5 in the round-table.  This is done, mostly in part, due to Brother Tony/W5OD
admonishing most people that make only a 4 or 5 minute transmission.  Most
folk now try to cover all the notes, and then turn it to the next guy in line,
when there's a dozen in the round-table, and all making a 10min monologue,
time gets eaten up in a hurry.

I'm anticipating that there'll be activity this winter from 3.870 to 3.890, and
a round table every 5kc.  That'd sound nice, wouldn't it? :-)

> > > hey Geoff!!  I was on wednesday morning and look forward to getting on
> the  air tomorrow morning!

By The Way, Ronnie.. I've been gone again, and so busy since I've been home,
I've not had time to unpack that 'box' you sent me.  So, after work is done,
Sunday, I'll pick a day, and open the box on the air.  Gather everyone around!

You be Quiet over there, Boraxo ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

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