[AMRadio] K1MAN Enforcement and WINLINK

Cory Hine cory_hine at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 10:22:51 EDT 2004

It is my understanding that K1MAN stole a radio from a friend of mine a number of years ago. That said, I guess I don't understand this kind of individual. Why does he want to keep up his broadcasting? What is the mentality of this kind of person? I would have gone and done something a lot more productive a long time ago. The ARRL has done this job for years.......

Brian Carling <bcarling at cfl.rr.com> wrote:Interesting story about how the guys are still hounding 
K1MAN after all these years, regardless of which side one takes 
on the issue. (Only ARRL can "broadcast" I guess!)

On a more serious note though... SInce they are zapping him for
starting up on top of a QSO, I wonder if FCC will go after the 
darlings of ARRL: the Unattended robot WINLINK Pactor II and 
Pactor II stations that do he SAME THING multiple times every day 
on 40m and 20m?

Somehow I doubt it. Same for W1AW sometimes. Although THAT
is far more predicatbvel and not aproblem like the WINLINK 

= = =


The FCC appears to be giving Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, one final 
chance to
strictly conform to the agency's Part 97 rules. This, before taking
action against the Belgrade Lakes, Maine ham. The FCC's Daryl
Duckworth, NN0W, explains:


Duckworth: "A warning letter went to Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, of 
Lakes, Maine. Back in April of this year the Commission notified 
of two areas of operation that would lead to enforcement action and 
or designation for a hearing to determine his qualifications to 
a licensee. This is regarding deliberate interference to ongoing
communications and using the station for pecuniary interest. 

Copies of the warning notice were also went to the United States
Attorney in the United States Department of Justice, District of 

This is Daryl Duckworth, NN0W, reporting."


In the September 15th Warning Notice the FCC's Riley 
tells Baxter that the Commission has received approximately a 
complaints that K1MAN Amateur Radio transmissions started on 
top of
ongoing communications of individual operators, as well as on top 
ongoing communications of the Salvation Army Team Emergency 
Radio Net.
Hollingsworth says that this is a net that has been handling health
and welfare traffic for this season's hurricane victims.

As to the pecuniary interest allegation, the FCC says that this is 
because Baxter's website lists a bulletin service transmission
schedule and items for sale on the same pages. The FCC says 
that this
is in violation of Sections 97.113(a)(2)and (3) of its rules.

Hollingsworth ends the letter by saying that failure to correct the
violations will subject Baxter to enforcement action against his
station and operator licenses. Baxter was given twenty days from 
date the warning notice was issued to resoind. (FCC, RAIN)
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