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Wed Oct 20 05:40:05 EDT 2004

See response below.

> Wow! I have been inundated with stuff from higher minds than mine! Besides
> your excellent replies, I got a somewhat similar, yet different perspective
> from Patrick Turner from the R.A.T. group, (newsgroup: rec.audio.tubes) that
> I paste below. The guy wants me to calculate Mu, and plate resistance as
> well. After all, Gm = U / Ra.
> Patrick's reply:
> > What you are doing will broaden your ideas about tubes,
> > but why concentrate on the Gm?
> >
> > If I want to find out how to set up a tube I find out what
> > all three important parameters are, the Ra, U, and Gm.
> >
> > You can set up a tube with a choke load, and strap various values
> > of RL across the choke.
> >
> > Then after the bias is set apply a fixed signal input voltage to get about
> > half the maximum anode voltage swing before clipping, so thd is
> negligible.
> > Then measure the voltage gain, and do so for at least two different RLs,
> > say 5k, and say 10k.
> >
> > Voltage Gain, A, = U x RL / ( RL + Ra ), for all tubes.
> >
> > So since we know what A is, and RL is, we have two equations for the
> > two different loads, and from these we can work out
> > Ra, U and thus Gm, because for all tubes,
> > Gm = U / Ra.
> >
> > The most constant parameter for all tubes is the U,
> > because its determined mainly by electrode distances,
> > but Ra and Gm vary widely.
> >
> > The other way to measure Gm is to simply have no choke load,
> > or large value RL, and just have a 10 ohm R to the B+,
> > and measure the undistorted current change with grid voltage changes.
> > This don't tell you about Ra or U, which change dramatically
> > when G2 is connected to the anode.
> >
> > The first method of mine involves algebra.

Spreaking which...

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Smile :-)

73 = Best Regards,

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