[AMRadio] The 6L6 is nearly 69 years young 1936-2004!

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Thu Oct 21 07:43:50 EDT 2004

Hi group,

   I ran into this web site with a very detailed account of the 6L6 by Eric
Barbour. I thought the group would like this. After all how many AM
modulators use the 6L6 / 5881 tubes? I can think of the Elmac AF67/8 and
Ranger as two examples. The 807 / 1625 / 6BG6 are repackaged 6L6's so with
these tubes the AM modulator list gets huge. Eric also talks about the 7027
and 7581 as an offshoot of the 6L6. He also states that the 6L6 is the first
tube to use the Octal socket. Is that correct?

Now I understand more about why my QRO'd Central electronics 20a's have
lower than expected efficiency using power pentodes (7591 and EL-34) as the
RF output amplifier as opposed to beam power tubes...


The mighty 6L6


Some good tube theory with a twist towards Guitar amp needs:

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