[AMRadio] 813 tx

CHRIS PAPAIOANNOU amateur at ipnet.gr
Mon Oct 25 23:44:32 EDT 2004

73 to all group's members around,
i'm new in this list.My name is Chris,my call is SV1DAF and i'm located in Athens,Greece.
I'm not new in AM..20-25 years ago there was too much AM activity here,with homemade tube rigs,in the MW band.Was illegal but there was.Then most of the "amateurs"became hams with legal activity in the ham bands.The rest of them left the radiowaves.
Not long ago i started homebrewing again after long time.My homebrew rigs now are:
1)6V6/807 crystal controlled where the 1st tube is the oscillator tube and the 2nd one the pa one.
I prefer plate modulation and the reasons are known and clear,and i'm using an amp with 2 EL504s like output tubes.These are sweep tubes.
I'm now searching for a tx drawing with an 813 tube like pa tube.Any replies will be too much appreciated.
Tnx for the attention paid to my introduction,

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