[AMRadio] Re: ARRL Ruins the AM, CW and DIGITAL bands.

peter A Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Oct 26 11:54:36 EDT 2004

I'm sure your quote came from a reputable source or are you ghost writing

Pete, WA2CWA

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:56:20 -0400 W2AGN <w2agn at pobox.com> writes:
> Here is forwarded message that says it all better than I could:
> It seems that the ARRL's plan for allowing unattended robot Pactor
> stations to basically operate without regard to ongoing 
> communications
> has been proposed so the their rich yacht yuppie friends that are
> cruising the oceans can have free access to internet email via the
> Winlink system that is operated on tha amateur HF bands !  They have 
> even
> encouraged some of these yacht yuppies to get their ham license just 
> so
> the could use this service.  Yes, you read that right !  The ARRL 
> is
> wanting non hams that cruise the oceans in expensive yachts with 
> six
> digit price tags to get their license just so they can get free 
> email
> while on the ocean despite the fact that these people can afford 
> more
> efficient satelite email service and do the same thing !  I think 
> it's
> high time that ALL hams let our so called "only game in town that 
> is
> supposed to be working for our common good" called the ARRL to keep 
> email
> on the internet and off amateur radio !  The operation that they 
> are
> proposing, will allow unattended Pactor robot stations to transmit 
> and
> interfere with ongoing communications without you being able to do
> anything about it !  That means that if you are working that rare 
> DX
> station and a Pactor robot station fires up on the same frequency 
> you are
> working the DX station on, you will have no recourse in resolving 
> the
> problem because the Pactor station will be within their full legal 
> right
> to do so !  Please, lets flood the ARRL directors with email telling 
> them
> that we do not want this to be put into effect.  You can get the 
> email
> addresses for each director from the ARRL website, so let them know 
> how
> you feel, and please pass this on to every ham you know !
> -- 
> John W2AGN
> http://w2agn.net

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