[AMRadio] music to entertain

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sun Oct 31 01:34:20 EST 2004

I'll confess.
Many years ago in my partially misspent youth, long before I got 
a ham license, I had compiled a 90 minute tape of old music and 
'50's commericals (commercials found on discarded tapes from a 
broadcast station), and played this every sunday at noon on the 
CB channel 30 while I drank whiskey. I was near a highway and for 
an antenna I used the outer shield of the cable TV wire, which 
ran about 200' before it got to a place where there was a ground 
wire. I used a modified-for-fidelity Radio Shack TRC-458 Navaho 
base station (even with a 500 ohm balanced audio input) and a 
home made 100 watt PEP linear with a pair of 6146's and ran 20W 
carrier, and a home made antenna tuner got the current flowing 
into the cable's shield. I would sometimes start it running and, 
instead of drinking, go for a drive to see how far it would go 
and still sound good. I was getting about 10 miles and the audio 
quality was superb. Once, a neighbor asked me if I had ever heard 
music on the telephone. "Huh? never heard of such a thing, must 
be a wire crossed" was the reply to that one..

Occasionally, when I would get done, someone in DX land would say 
'play some more' or "!@%#$$! why can't ya play something different!!"

I suppose I am a redneck. HOO-Whee!! Those were some fun days. 
Had a souped up pontiac GTO and a betamax too.

I niether get drunk (Come to Jesus) nor play music on the air 
(got ham ticket and swore to the Wouff Hong) any more.

I am still interested in high fidelity, but I use a good dummy 
load when I play, and generally use specific waveforms and 
frequencies to make measurements.

That base station's still around here somewhere, but it's been 
un-modified and adjusted back to factory specifications as it 
should be. It's a great SSB rig, as CB radios go.

Catch ya on the flip flop, er.. 73,


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