[AMRadio] RCA BTA-250 road trip!!

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Thu Sep 2 21:42:55 EDT 2004


Congtats on our new radio!


I leave tomorrow from Dallas TX at 0600 for Pikeville, KY, to 
pick up an RCA BTA-250.

I have been told that there is a 5KW gates is available, but the 
tubes are missing.

If anyone wants the 5KW and is on the way between Pikeville KY 
and Dallas TX, speak up!! -- but FIRST e-mail Paul (below) and 
make arrangements.

Paul Manuel
Paul K4PDM
k4pdm at yahoo.com
You can find his contact info on QRZ and then white pages.

--(and maybe some costs if the delivery takes me too far out of 
the way and I have to rent the truck and pay a hotel for an extra 
day, as it is a 16 hour drive each way now),

--Another issue it is in a storage building, somewhat buried, so 
do speak with Paul.

I will have no e-mail but my cellphone is 214-763-4764. I do not 
know anything about the 5KW or a Gates 1KW that is 'spoken for', 
so please contact Paul Manuel for any questons.

I expect to be traveling tomorrow and in Pikeville KY loading up 
the RCA on Saturday morning.

Wish me luck,


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