[AMRadio] BTA-250 pictures

Powell E. Way III, W4OPW powell at conterra.com
Mon Sep 6 13:43:11 EDT 2004

That RCA and it's 1KW counterpart are beautiful transmitters. DO NOT 
discard the crystals. Someone will purchase the crystals since it is 
a CONELRAD frequency. I have the 640 crystal from the BTA 1MX we 
removed years ago from WBAW and a ham purchase it. It made the nice 
trip from Barnwell SC to Columbia fine in my Ranger, though it put 
the Ranger over the load limit. DUH ! That made the Ranger get a tad 
over 30 MPG which it has not done before and only 1 time since and 
that was downhill in New Mexico. 

WKDK is on 1240 and has a backup Raytheon RA-250, which is not for 


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