[AMRadio] For Sale: Old Tektronix Stuff, Socket Savers, J-38 Key

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Sep 7 10:08:58 EDT 2004


Socket Savers. These are used in tube testers to protect the factory socket from excessive wear.  I have mostly seen these on Hickok tube testers. But not all sockets on all Hickoks will accept these. So you may want to look at yours before buying one.

TRADE: I'd trade any one of these for one NOS or excellent 7-pin socket saver. 

Vector Octal "Socket Extender" model 1262. Black. NOS in original shrink wrap packaging. $13 each PPD. 3 to sell.

Pomona Octal SS-8 "Socket Saver". Brown. Appears to be NOS but not in packaging. $12 PPD

Pomona 9-Pin Miniature SS-9 "Socket Saver". Black. Appears to be NOS but not in packaging. $13 PPD. 5 to sell.

Tektronix 105 Square Wave Generator s/n 001883. 1950's vintage Tektronix square wave generator 
covering 100 cycles to 1MC. Metered output. Range fully adjustable. Facility for external sync. 
Versatile instrument. Excellent cosmetic condition with intact original handle on top. Working 
as designed. Wave shape starts to round off at 250kc and above. Possible a cathode interface 
problem in vertical amp? With original manual. $10 pick-up or $20 plus shipping.

Tektronix 585A Oscilloscopes (2) serial numbers 013301 and 006109. 1960 vintage Tektronix 
oscilloscope with bandwidth up to 95mc. One works up to 50Mhz or so and one doesn't have a 
trace. One is cosmetically very nice with new, replacement handles on top, and the unworking one 
is less nice with bad handles. Excellent front panels. The bad one has scrapes on cabinet sides. 
Both 'scopes have working Tek Type 82 dual-trace plug-ins. With one original manual for the 
'scope and one original manual for the plug-in. Also includes one of the correct, original 
probes for this 'scope. These are true boatanchors with 66 tubes each!! $35 pick-up for both. Or 
$100 plus shipping at my convenience sometime before the end of this year.

Military J-38 key in very good original condition. $29 including US mailing.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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