[AMRadio] For Sale: Old Tektronix Stuff, Socket Savers, J-38 Key

Peter Wittenberg k2lrc at erols.com
Tue Sep 7 16:45:41 EDT 2004

Don, if you still have the 9 pin socket savers, I would like to buy 2 of 
them.  Let me know.
-73- Peter K2LRC

Merz Donald S wrote:

>Socket Savers. These are used in tube testers to protect the factory socket from excessive wear.  I have mostly seen these on Hickok tube testers. But not all sockets on all Hickoks will accept these. So you may want to look at yours before buying one.
>TRADE: I'd trade any one of these for one NOS or excellent 7-pin socket saver. 
>Vector Octal "Socket Extender" model 1262. Black. NOS in original shrink wrap packaging. $13 each PPD. 3 to sell.
>Pomona Octal SS-8 "Socket Saver". Brown. Appears to be NOS but not in packaging. $12 PPD
>Pomona 9-Pin Miniature SS-9 "Socket Saver". Black. Appears to be NOS but not in packaging. $13 PPD. 5 to sell.
>Tektronix 105 Square Wave Generator s/n 001883. 1950's vintage Tektronix square wave generator 
>covering 100 cycles to 1MC. Metered output. Range fully adjustable. Facility for external sync. 
>Versatile instrument. Excellent cosmetic condition with intact original handle on top. Working 
>as designed. Wave shape starts to round off at 250kc and above. Possible a cathode interface 
>problem in vertical amp? With original manual. $10 pick-up or $20 plus shipping.
>Tektronix 585A Oscilloscopes (2) serial numbers 013301 and 006109. 1960 vintage Tektronix 
>oscilloscope with bandwidth up to 95mc. One works up to 50Mhz or so and one doesn't have a 
>trace. One is cosmetically very nice with new, replacement handles on top, and the unworking one 
>is less nice with bad handles. Excellent front panels. The bad one has scrapes on cabinet sides. 
>Both 'scopes have working Tek Type 82 dual-trace plug-ins. With one original manual for the 
>'scope and one original manual for the plug-in. Also includes one of the correct, original 
>probes for this 'scope. These are true boatanchors with 66 tubes each!! $35 pick-up for both. Or 
>$100 plus shipping at my convenience sometime before the end of this year.
>Military J-38 key in very good original condition. $29 including US mailing.
>Thanks for looking.
>73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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