[AMRadio] BTA-250 pictures

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Tue Sep 7 19:32:21 EDT 2004

It was kind of fun, but there was really no time to stop anywhere 
for fun, and the cab of the International bobtail truck was 
resonant at 3 times the frequency of Arkansas' highway's 'waves' 
at 65 MPH. So I have used a truck as a mechanical tripler 
operating at about 3 Hz..

I just think I may be getting too old for road trips and driving 
10-15 hours at a time.

From: "Jim Wilhite" <w5jo at brightok.net>
Subject: Re: [AMRadio] BTA-250 pictures


If you could have someone ship it with a corporate discount then 
the biggest
expense would be having someone crate it.

Those two items met, it would have been cheaper, but less fun.

73  Jim
de W5JO

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