[AMRadio] FS: BAs & BA Test Gear

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Sep 9 14:17:36 EDT 2004


Drake TR-4 with RV-4 VFO in top mount above TR-4. Package also includes Drake AC-4 supply, and DC-4 supply for mobile use. With manuals and cables. Good but not great cosmetic condition with fan mounted externally above final cage. Also with some scratches and other marks. I have used this rig repeatedly on a number of bands and I can guarantee that it is working well. $320

Tektronix 453 oscilloscope. Solid 50Mhz bench scope in good looking and good working condition--on one channel only. Dead on channel B. Bright trace and beautiful front panel. With original front panel cover. In good shape. Use as single channel scope or fix channel B. I think this scope uses Nuvistor tubes. $40

HP 5245L frequency counter. Nixie tubes! Looks well-used and just okay with many dings, scrapes, removed tags and such. With 50-500mhz plug-in and copy of the military manual set for this counter. Working well. $35

Tek 203 'scope cart with the 2 big drawers below and power outlets on rear. Tilts nice. Good casters and useful bottom shelf. Needs cleaned but will clean up into very nice condition. The 203 SCOPE-MOBILE® Cart is designed to hold the following Tektronix products: 7403N, 7313, 7613, 7623, 7623A, 7633, 7603, 5100-Series, and 5400-Series. $25 plus shipping (ugh!)

HP 3300A Function Generator with matching HP 3305A sweep plug-in. Covers 0-100khz. Sine, square and Triangle output. With manual copies for both units. Looks good but has some dings and label residue. Untested. As-is. $50

General Radio 740B capacity bridge. Typical older (black) GR bridge with tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench. Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. Was supposed to have a lid but I don't have one. The little 2-prong recessed male line connector has been removed and replaced with a captive line cord. Otherwise, I think this is all original. The front panel has several inventory tags on it and a rough spot where I assume a calibration tag was. I think the 6E5 eye tube originally had a hood on it, but that is missing here. Inside, the unit is like new with typical GR museum-quality construction practices. Untested. This uses a 6X5 rectifier and an aluminum can electrolytic filter. I was reluctant to plug this in without taking the time to reform the cap. But that is just about the only possible suspect component. So I expect that this either works as-is or can be brought back by replacing one cap. As-is. $29

Another General Radio 740B capacity bridge. This one seems to be older than the one above. It is not in as good condition either. The knob style is different and I believe that one knob is wrong. It has the tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench but no lid on this one either. Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. The little 2-prong recessed male line connector is intact on this one. The front panel has some tag mess on it and some oxidation damage. This ain't no beauty queen. The 6E5 eye tube hood is present but has several dings in it. Inside, the unit is like new. This uses the same 6X5 rectifier/electrolytic filter cap setup and I have not plugged it in. I do think that this either works as-is or can be brought back by replacing one cap. Untested. As-is. $14

Military WWII TS-34/AP ocilloscope. These WWII-era test oscilloscopes with their distinctive shape and rubber viewing hood used to be common in surplus. But like the command sets, now they are somewhat harder to find. This one is in nice original shape and has the rubber hood. $29

Bendix RA-12 receiver. WWII-vintage I think. Heavily ham modified with AC power supply and big, screened-off hole in top for air flow. Front panel is basically gone and replaced with what was supposed to be a conventional slide rule dial. But the dial and bezel are loose and the dial string is broken. The front may have had some motor drive on it for remote tuning at one time. But that is all gone. The radio was originally painted gray but is now black. Believe it or not, this thing works and ain't too bad. It covers LF and HF up to 9.5mhz. As-is. Only for the adventurous. $49

Heathkit C-2 Condenser Checker. 1952-vintage with Heath Company HC crown logo. Front panel is pretty good with a few small paint dings. Cabinet is poor due to rust. Tuning Eye. No holes or modifications. I cleaned this up and it is quite appealing in a restoration context. Possibly still useful for BA restoration. Untested. As-is. $15

Heathkit RF Generator. Also from the 1952 Heathkit line with the words "RF Generator" across a sine wave in the upper left corner. This matches the cap checker above in panel design and it is the same size and shape. So these 2 look like fraternal twins. Excellent front panel. Cabinet has some rust and marks on the paint. Clean. No holes or modifications. $15

Heathkit T-2 Signal Tracer. Also from the 1952 Heathkit line with the same
Panel style as the 2 items above. All 3 of these have the same knobs, same 
panel styling and are the exact same size and shape. This tracer has some 
paint chips on the front panel. But the cabinet is better than the 2 units 
above. No holes or modifications that I see. Needs cleaned and needs a new
Line cord. $15

Three Heathkits above for $30.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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