[AMRadio] Converting old 1.8-4.0 MHz AM Marine Radios

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Sep 9 17:25:54 EDT 2004

Do you have any photos of the rf section, and are they tube type or
solid state? I may be able to offer some suggestions if I could see what
you have to work with. What types of tubes, power devices are in them? I
have modified several different types of equipment (military &
and had to give them serious considerations, before buying them. If you
some idea what you want to do with them, then I would say sure there are
any number of things that can be done, just depends on what you want the
final product to be.

Mark Cobbeldick wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I have a source of old AM marine radios originally used on the 2 MHz
> marine band.
> These radios still function correctly, most of the 150 watt output
> level, with a few 1 KW models.
> Has anyone attempted to convert any of this type radio for use on the
> 160 meter or 75 meter bands?
> ...Is it worth the effort?
> 73,
> Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
> Monroe, VA
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