[AMRadio] Converting old 1.8-4.0 MHz AM Marine Radios

WA9VRH Larry wa9vrh at mtco.com
Thu Sep 9 17:51:36 EDT 2004

Hi Mark,

First yes I believe it is worthwhile because it gets them on the air and not
in the dump!  I have an old Hallicrafters AM aircraft transmitter I want to
put on 75m just because I can.  I bet I won't find very many more of them on
the air.

As a side note do you have any manuals on Collins gear that covered those
frequencies?  I am the archive manager for the Collins Collectors
Association and if you have any that cover Collins equipment I would like to
see if I might borrow them.  The CCA website has a number of Collins radio
manuals and service bulletins on them available for download for anyone. The
CCA has the official blessing of Rockwell Collins to post and disseminate
this information to anyone who requires it.

Larry WA9VRH
Collins Collectors Association Archive Manager

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Subject: [AMRadio] Converting old 1.8-4.0 MHz AM Marine Radios

> Hello to all,
> I have a source of old AM marine radios originally used on the 2 MHz
> marine band.
> These radios still function correctly, most of the 150 watt output
> level, with a few 1 KW models.
> Has anyone attempted to convert any of this type radio for use on the
> 160 meter or 75 meter bands?
> ...Is it worth the effort?
> 73,
> Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
> Monroe, VA
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