[AMRadio] FS: BAs & BA Test Gear

Joan S Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Fri Sep 10 10:50:07 EDT 2004

Hi Don;

I am interested in theTektronix 50mc scope. What do you think it would
cost to ship it to Zip 93065? Thanks, Don.

Ed Richards K6UUZ

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 14:17:36 -0400 "Merz Donald S" <merz.ds at mellon.com>
> Drake TR-4 with RV-4 VFO in top mount above TR-4. Package also 
> includes Drake AC-4 supply, and DC-4 supply for mobile use. With 
> manuals and cables. Good but not great cosmetic condition with fan 
> mounted externally above final cage. Also with some scratches and 
> other marks. I have used this rig repeatedly on a number of bands 
> and I can guarantee that it is working well. $320
> Tektronix 453 oscilloscope. Solid 50Mhz bench scope in good looking 
> and good working condition--on one channel only. Dead on channel B. 
> Bright trace and beautiful front panel. With original front panel 
> cover. In good shape. Use as single channel scope or fix channel B. 
> I think this scope uses Nuvistor tubes. $40
> HP 5245L frequency counter. Nixie tubes! Looks well-used and just 
> okay with many dings, scrapes, removed tags and such. With 50-500mhz 
> plug-in and copy of the military manual set for this counter. 
> Working well. $35
> Tek 203 'scope cart with the 2 big drawers below and power outlets 
> on rear. Tilts nice. Good casters and useful bottom shelf. Needs 
> cleaned but will clean up into very nice condition. The 203 
> SCOPE-MOBILE® Cart is designed to hold the following Tektronix 
> products: 7403N, 7313, 7613, 7623, 7623A, 7633, 7603, 5100-Series, 
> and 5400-Series. $25 plus shipping (ugh!)
> HP 3300A Function Generator with matching HP 3305A sweep plug-in. 
> Covers 0-100khz. Sine, square and Triangle output. With manual 
> copies for both units. Looks good but has some dings and label 
> residue. Untested. As-is. $50
> General Radio 740B capacity bridge. Typical older (black) GR bridge 
> with tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench. 
> Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. Was supposed to have a lid 
> but I don't have one. The little 2-prong recessed male line 
> connector has been removed and replaced with a captive line cord. 
> Otherwise, I think this is all original. The front panel has several 
> inventory tags on it and a rough spot where I assume a calibration 
> tag was. I think the 6E5 eye tube originally had a hood on it, but 
> that is missing here. Inside, the unit is like new with typical GR 
> museum-quality construction practices. Untested. This uses a 6X5 
> rectifier and an aluminum can electrolytic filter. I was reluctant 
> to plug this in without taking the time to reform the cap. But that 
> is just about the only possible suspect component. So I expect that 
> this either works as-is or can be brought back by replacing one cap. 
> As-is. $29
> Another General Radio 740B capacity bridge. This one seems to be 
> older than the one above. It is not in as good condition either. The 
> knob style is different and I believe that one knob is wrong. It has 
> the tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench but 
> no lid on this one either. Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. 
> The little 2-prong recessed male line connector is intact on this 
> one. The front panel has some tag mess on it and some oxidation 
> damage. This ain't no beauty queen. The 6E5 eye tube hood is present 
> but has several dings in it. Inside, the unit is like new. This uses 
> the same 6X5 rectifier/electrolytic filter cap setup and I have not 
> plugged it in. I do think that this either works as-is or can be 
> brought back by replacing one cap. Untested. As-is. $14
> Military WWII TS-34/AP ocilloscope. These WWII-era test 
> oscilloscopes with their distinctive shape and rubber viewing hood 
> used to be common in surplus. But like the command sets, now they 
> are somewhat harder to find. This one is in nice original shape and 
> has the rubber hood. $29
> Bendix RA-12 receiver. WWII-vintage I think. Heavily ham modified 
> with AC power supply and big, screened-off hole in top for air flow. 
> Front panel is basically gone and replaced with what was supposed to 
> be a conventional slide rule dial. But the dial and bezel are loose 
> and the dial string is broken. The front may have had some motor 
> drive on it for remote tuning at one time. But that is all gone. The 
> radio was originally painted gray but is now black. Believe it or 
> not, this thing works and ain't too bad. It covers LF and HF up to 
> 9.5mhz. As-is. Only for the adventurous. $49
> Heathkit C-2 Condenser Checker. 1952-vintage with Heath Company HC 
> crown logo. Front panel is pretty good with a few small paint dings. 
> Cabinet is poor due to rust. Tuning Eye. No holes or modifications. 
> I cleaned this up and it is quite appealing in a restoration 
> context. Possibly still useful for BA restoration. Untested. As-is. 
> $15
> Heathkit RF Generator. Also from the 1952 Heathkit line with the 
> words "RF Generator" across a sine wave in the upper left corner. 
> This matches the cap checker above in panel design and it is the 
> same size and shape. So these 2 look like fraternal twins. Excellent 
> front panel. Cabinet has some rust and marks on the paint. Clean. No 
> holes or modifications. $15
> Heathkit T-2 Signal Tracer. Also from the 1952 Heathkit line with 
> the same
> Panel style as the 2 items above. All 3 of these have the same 
> knobs, same 
> panel styling and are the exact same size and shape. This tracer has 
> some 
> paint chips on the front panel. But the cabinet is better than the 2 
> units 
> above. No holes or modifications that I see. Needs cleaned and needs 
> a new
> Line cord. $15
> Three Heathkits above for $30.
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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