[AMRadio] Converting old 1.8-4.0 MHz AM Marine Radios

Mark Cobbeldick kb4cvn at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 10:52:00 EDT 2004

WOW !!!

Thank you to everyone who responded via postings and private e-mails.  

In answer to Jim's [WB2FCN], I don't have any data on the radios...yet.
 Let me explain:

     I work in the land mobile two-way radio field as a Product Support
Engineer & Master Technician at the factory in Lynchburg, Virginia. 
One of my customers (...and an old ham friend) is the senior tech at
large marine dealer/service shop in Southern California.  The other day
while discussing a technical issue with a radio we got chatting about 2
MHz marine radios, and the old AM Radiotelephone rigs.  He mentioned
that he had a 20-foot shipping container's worth of the equipment
sitting in his warehouse, the business owner would love to get rid of! 
He had pulled a couple of them out recently and they still worked OK!  
...Would I be interested in 1, 2 or more of them?

He is planning to move to Eastern Tennessee in the not too distant
future, and would not mind putting a few of them onto the moving truck
for me.  This is what prompted my question to the list.

I have a somewhat special place in my heart for AM Phone, and 160
Meter/2 MHz marine radio.  When I was about six or seven, I converted
an old (tube) AM Band table radio up to 160m band and the lower portion
of the 2 MHz marine band.  The Loop Antenna was glued inside of the
pressed paperboard rear cover.  I wrapped several turns of insulated
hook-up wire around this loop antenna and ran it outside to a 100-foot
longwire and a ground.  Growing-up down in Miami(Fla) and over in the
Bahamas, I had tons of radio traffic to listen to from all over the SE
USA and the Caribbean!  Later in the 1970's when folks started
converting over to SSB, I even built a BFO for the darn thing.

Hearing about all the goodies he had stashed, made me remember the old
days, wondering if I could "recycle" one of these fine old marine
radios over to amateur service.

Mark A. Cobbeldick [KB4CVN, C6AMC]

...Also, a Big Hello to Joe [W4AAB]: 'Crawfish' it has been far too
long.  I hope all is well.

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