[AMRadio] Free for SASE: Simpson 260 Repair Manual Copies

Chuck Kembring kembring at epix.net
Wed Sep 15 19:56:51 EDT 2004

	Thank you for the info on the Eico 722 VFO. It was more than I expected.
	I just got my envelopes so I will be sending off the SASE to get the repair
info on the Simpson 260. I have several of these and thought it would be
nice to have the repair info handy. 	I did see your list of wants and read
your posts and don't have anything to help you at this time but if I can
help, I surely will. I do believe this is a real strength in the HAM
community. Thanks for your generosity.
Thanks Again,
Charles Kembring	WB3LGG
Cochranville, Pa.

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Free For SASE:

Well, maybe I am the last to come across this, but I recently found a repair
manual for the Simpson 260 Series VOMs. This was published by Sears, of all
people, in 1976. Here are the details:

"Sears Simpson 260 Meter Repair Program Division 92 Source 260" dated May,
1976. This is about 20 8.5x11 pages with many pictures and schematics. This
covers all tests and repairs EXCEPT switch replacement. Switch replacement
is not covered (it refers you to Simpson for a factory repair). Models
covered are Series 3, 4, 5, 5P, 6 and 6P. Specifics: Lengthy troubleshooting
chart, Overload Relay Adjustment, Calibration of all ranges and theory of
operation. Photos show parts placement (like a Sams does) and schematics for
each model are provided.

Anyway, if you want a copy, just send me an 8.5x11 envelope with four 37
cent stamps on it and your address. I will stuff the envelope and mail it
back to you the same day. No need to reply to this e-mail. Don't send stamps
or cash--just the SASE. Address below.

With any luck, the 260 will be being used by techs long after we are gone...

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
47 Hazel Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15228

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