[AMRadio] Email accounts & the list

Brian Sherrod arksky at alltel.net
Thu Sep 23 19:47:10 EDT 2004

I am starting to get a lot of messages sent to the list again that are being sent
from the wrong email account.

If you have _more_than_one_account for your email, please be more careful when you
post to this list.  Make certain you use the SAME account you subscribed to the
amradio list before sending.  The software has no way to know who you are, and if you
are a member if you do not use your subscribed email account.  In this case, I have
to sift through each and every one of them.

>From this point forward, I will not approve ANY postings if the account manager flags
them as unknown.  They will be deleted.

If you know you are a member and get an automated message back from "mailman" that
your email was not accepted, etc., then it is likely you sent it from the wrong email


Brian / w5ami

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