[AMRadio] Manual needed, RCA BTA-250L

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Thu Sep 23 21:10:11 EDT 2004

I am looking for an original manual for an RCA BTA-250L. I would 
like to scan it in. I would return it with a CD ROM of it 
including the raw images and a PDF or WWW page, if anyone could 
loan me one. I am in Dallas, TX.

If anyone has a question about my scanning, I generally do 
200-300 dpi for text, and 600 for images (although they become 
huge files) and then I resample them down to a viewable size for 
the web. For PDF or printing, of course, the 600DPI is great due 
to the halftone.

I have found only one source on the internet, paper copies for 
sale, and it's $35. I think that is quite a high price 
considering it says the schematic is blurry.

Heck, maybe I would also send that fellow a high quality copy..

OK so I am begging..


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