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Good. I hope your meter never has a need for any of the procedures in there!

Personally, I find these old meters very likeable in all forms. You can go to any hamfest and pick up a really nice old analog VTVM for $5. You could quickly and cheaply have a house full of them. VOMs are more expensive--isn't that odd?

I have one of the 260's numeric-readout successors--the Simpson 467. Runs on a 9V battery and is bulletproof. It's a fine product also. OTOH, I also have a Simpson meter (269? 369?--something ending in a 9) that has a large face and claims to be a 100,000 ohms per volt VOM. This does not seem to be a very good meter by comparison. It has not held up well over time.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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Hi Don,

The envelope full of 260 info and your flier arrived safely today.  I sure do 
appreciate the time and effort that went into making copies and getting them 
in the mail.  I have several 260s and swear by them when working with 

I recently picked up a 360 which looks the same as the 260 but with a digital 
readout in place of the analog meter. If you happen to have any info on this 
one, I would be happy to pay for copies, etc.

Thanks again, you get the September Good Guy award in my book!


John,  W4AWM
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