[AMRadio] Re: Gates BC250L efficiency

K9AF at aol.com K9AF at aol.com
Wed Sep 29 10:31:45 EDT 2004

K4KYV writes:
I replaced the PA grid/driver plate coil wound on the bakelite form with 
similar Miniductor coil stock and got a big boost in grid drive when I moved 
it to 160. 

Don, thanks for the suggestion. Trouble is the BC250L's grid/driver plate 
coil is NOT on a bakelite form. It is a ceramic one,  2 1/2 inches in diameter.  
I still get the exact same grid drive on 160 meters as I did on the broadcast 
band.  My problem still remains efficiency, and maybe I'll just have to settle 
with 61% and be happy.


Jerry K9AF

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