[AMRadio] Home Brew

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Wed Sep 29 13:56:49 EDT 2004


>Hi Guys:

>You're all really great - I sure need this help.

>My last home brew was an 807 CW xmtr back in 1963 when I got my novice
license...just got it back 18 months ago after being >"QRX" for 40 years.

>There's many ways to go - component wise - so let me express my 'view' of
the rig.

>I like simple - very simple - most simple, like minimalist...as opposed to
having features, bells & whistles.

You cant get to simple, as you need to know what's going on, and to prevent
problems, and allow adjustments. You need meters.

>Style-wise, I'd like to use nice, shinny vintage parts...with contemporary
materials...rather than try to get the neovintage >look. The pictures I've
seen on some Eclass rigs appeals to me...clean and neat looking.

I only use nice looking parts.
I paint my chassis grey, use nice clean ceramics, put chrome handles on the
front panels,
use all the same older style knobs, etc.
Going old looking with nice bits will be very expensive, and take a long
to get all those rare matching bits in good shape.

>Don't know if I'd like the Amp & Mod separate units or stacked. Stacked in
a single enclosure sounds easy mechanically...and >little less work?

Rf deck and modulator?
I like separate decks, easier to build, test, change, and fit the parts.
I rack mount everything, heavy iron can sit on the cabinet floor.
I use rails so the decks slide out, you can make your own.

>Not having fans/blowers seems to be a good operating advantage with less
interfering noise.

Its nice having a SILENT rig.
I have both, and silent is very nice.

>Seems like the replies are 'amp-minded' rather than complete high power AM
>which gets to the matter of the exciter.

>I'm presently completing my "DX100 ala GTO" ( Fire Enginer red w/ chrome )
restoration...might I be able to put the MOD&AMP >into a DX100 enclosure??

Mod and RF deck.
No, not at 200 watts plus out.

Even with the power supply/supplies separate, you would not be able to fit
a pair of 811a tubes in push pull rf service and the modulator into a DX100
Just the RF deck will be DX100 size, reference Bill Orr or old ARRL
Unless you get very creative and run things very light, figure on each
deck being dx100 size.

>Make a nice looking set...but might be a bit too tight?

For a 300 watt rig, you need bigger parts and space to fit them.
Ever see a globe king 400 or 500?
Three decks, power supply, mod deck, and RF deck.
And the globe king equipment was built very light for the power.
The dx100 is fairly compact, so figure it's a 100 watt size.
200 watts would be twice as big and heavy, 300 watts three times...
Short of class E, there is no way around this rule.
Good stuff and broadcast rigs are even bigger and heavier for
the same power output.

Modern amps are different, no modulator, light duty power supply,
much lower peak voltages.

You can pick up nice racks for nothing, stop by South Jersey
and you can take your pick of a bunch of racks in nice shape,
from 4 to 6 feet high. Free if you haul them away.



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