[AMRadio] Home brew AM

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Wed Sep 29 14:29:58 EDT 2004

What do you need, everything?

Here's a partial list of what you need:

3 Chassis 17x3x14,
3 panels 19x10.25?,
3 sets of side supports,
Power transformer to give 1500 volts at 500 plus ma,
Choke at 500 plus ma, two is better, swinging for the modulator,
Rectifiers (I like the k2aw? bricks),
Modulation transformer,
Bleeder resistors,
Big relay and time delay relay for step start if you go that route,
4 Tube sockets,
Filament transformers,
Killowatt plug in tank coils and its socket and swinging link,
Push pull grid coils for the bands wanted,
Push pull grid tuning cap (150 to 200 pf per section, low voltage)
Modulator grid drive transformer 8 to 10,000 ohms roughly at 20 or more
2 Neutralizing caps,
4 811a tubes,
Grid leak resistor (big wire wound pot works well),
Insulated shaft couplings,
Plate tuning cap, dual 100 pf 5000 volts or better,
Meters for grid current, mod current, plate voltage, plate current,

A large pile of wire, high voltage wire, screws, nuts, knobs, connector
strips, line cord, switches, lights, panel bushings,fuse and holder or
spacers, ceramic standoffs, rf connectors, etc.

I could give you some stuff, and sell you some stuff most likely, and
MIGHT be able to get you a mod transformer.



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Thanks for the replies.

The 812/811 combo was sorta what I had in mind.

Getting the components shouldn't be too hard if I keep searching.

Let me start here...anyone have any suitable parts?

About the E class...read a few things about it...sounds most
interesting...but MOSFETS don't have the fragrance of warm vacuum tubes on a
chilly winters evening nor the soft orange glow cast through the rig
perforations onto the shack walls to keep one company...nor the humming
vibrations of pumped RF being piped to the outside antenna.

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