[AMRadio] Possible BPL ??

Damon Raphael, MD (W7MD) w7md at gci-net.com
Thu Sep 30 00:29:08 EDT 2004

Sounds like a low power wireless linked LAN.  I am connected to the net by 
that kind of system.
My provider is Gain Communication here in Tucson, AZ.  Sprint also has a 
similar service here.
It works quite well.
You can find Gain at www.gain.com which may have a description of what is 
Damon, W7MD
Tucson, AZ

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    I received a letter from an un-identified company in my area { Alvin, 
TX} titled a " Feasibility Survey", regarding my interest { as a rural 
potential customer } in high speed broadband internet service. They describe 
the service as " a small antenna at my house and a broadcast tower a short 
distance away". Is this the broadband over power lines type affair that we 
have all been opposing? I wonder why the company does not identify 
themselves?? The return address is a local post office box.
    A tactic is being used in this "feasibility survey" whereby a dollar 
bill is enclosed in the letter and it is stated that if you answer "yes" to 
the first question { " Are you interested in high speed broadband internet 
service? } then you will be offered the lowest available price to subscribe. 
A small postage-stamp size window is cut out of the front of envelope so 
that you can see the dollar bill showing, as a sure method of getting you to 
open the letter.
    Is this legal? Does anyone else have any experience with this type 
affair or perhaps who is behind this business??
        Thanks, Byron WA5THJ.
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