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>From Brad KB7FQR
I could not tell who has the BTA 500 1R1 etc, I am intrested to chat with
you. I am an tube collector who has been out of the hobby for years and have
gotten back in with both feet. I have a Johnson 500 and want to build a
4-1000 amp or other. My motto is "NO GLOW NO GO" I am in the process of
getting a Gates BT5 and looking for other broadcast transmitters on the West
I live in N Nevada, have 6 acres and room to store a 50 kw if i can find
one. I am new to the site, I am impressed at the quality of hobbyist

Best regards to all


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 Hey Pete   I know that... thats why I have in my collection
an RCA BTA-500r,1R1,gates BC-1H, Collins 300G

peter A Markavage wrote:

>But Class E transmitters don't glow in the dark. You have to put Xmas
>lights in them.
>Parts are not that difficult to find if you're willing to spend the time
>to find them.
>To me, Class E (asy) lacks the traditional nostalgia that many of us feel
>in a tube-based transmitter.
>As someone already pointed out, there are lots of great circuits in the
>older ARRL Handbooks, Radio and Engineers' Handbook, etc.
>The ARRL has a new book just out called "RF Amplifier Classics" and
>includes two-dozen projects and articles from the pages of QST and QEX,
>published between 1980 and 2003. There are amps for HF, MF, VHF and
>Pete, wa2cwa
>On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:10:27 -0400 Neal Newman <groucho at skyweb.net>
>> Build a Class E transmitter.
>> Parts for building a tube transmitter is getting harder to find
>>StephenTetorka at cs.com wrote:
>>>Hello All:
>>>I'd like to build my own AM transmitter.
>>>Tube style; more than 200 watts.
>>>Sure a heck of a lot to choose from...but I'd like to hear what you
>>>OR...if someone knows of a home brew for sale....
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