[AMRadio] ricebox experiments

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sat Apr 2 23:30:13 EST 2005

well I don't now, the one on evilbay ended at $325 and reseve not 
met. Maybe these still have alot of value, and you seen to have 
everything for yours, must have cost a fortune!

Since I posted, I have been researching them, and indeed it seems 
like they are worth quite a bit, I must have gotten a fantastic 
deal on mine.


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Well Pat, money speaks.
Wonder what my 430S with the 10 Hz., AM filter 500 Hz CW filter, 
FM board, AT 250 tuner, power supply, 150 KHz receiver mod and 
most of the updates done would bring?  Mine isn't as pretty, it 
has been used mobile and I have the palm mic, MC 50 desk mic, 
mobile bracket and power cord plus the data cable between the AT 
250 and radio, original owners manual, copy of the service 
manual, and brochure.  It all works too.

I can't believe it will bring much, but we will see.

73  Jim

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