[AMRadio] ricebox experiments

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 3 09:09:29 EDT 2005

I found mine about 15 years ago for 550.  The data cable had been connected 
incorrectly so the antenna tuner would not track the transceiver as it 
switched bands in the auto position.  All I had to do was repair the cable.

Nice little radio that I don't use much anymore mostly because I don't have 
room for all my boatanchors and it.

73  Jim

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> well I don't now, the one on evilbay ended at $325 and reseve not met. 
> Maybe these still have alot of value, and you seen to have everything for 
> yours, must have cost a fortune!
> Since I posted, I have been researching them, and indeed it seems like 
> they are worth quite a bit, I must have gotten a fantastic deal on mine.
> PJ

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