[AMRadio] FS: HW-32, Hickok 533 & 191X, S38, HD-11, Wavetek,

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Mon Apr 4 11:27:39 EDT 2005

I would like the heath HW32 . Let me know what shipping is to Dothan Al zip

Healthfully yours,
                          Don Sanders
                        1686 Headland Ave.
                        Dothan, AL 36303

PO Box 10195
Dothan, AL 36304

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For Sale

Heathkit HW-32 20 meter SSB Amateur Radio Transceiver
with accessories. This appears to be complete and all
original. The front panel has a few marks but will
clean up to excellent condition. One small knob is
cracked. The case paint is very good or excellent but
needs cleaning. The included accessories are the HP-10
mobile power supply (requires 12VDC), the HS-24
speaker, the connecting cable for the power supply, an
Electro-Voice microphone and original manuals for the
HW-32 and HWM-32-1 Modification Kit. The manuals have
no covers. Untested. As-is. $79

Grebe Synchrophase AC-Six project radio. This is a
tabletop broadcast set with 2 chassis, one for the
radio and one for the power supply. The wooden case
sits on top of both pieces. There was a pot-metal base
for the 2 chassis but it deteriorated and fell apart.
So you would have to make a base out of wood. The
wooden case covers the base for the most part so the fix
would barely be visible. The radio chassis probably had a
top cover at one time and some internal covers for the
individual stages. But those aluminum pieces are
missing. The wooden case has some marks on it but is
complete and the lid lifts up as it should.  As-is.

Hickok 533 tube tester with bad meter. The rest of the
tester is good. I temporarily substituted a 1 ma meter
to test this thing and it seems to be working
correctly. The case covering has the usual dings and
the tester panel needs cleaning. But this will clean up
to be a fine tube tester. The original meter is
included and it is repairable. As-is. $150

Hallicrafters S-38. The original with black wrinkle
finish. Missing the BFO knob (go figure). This is
dirty, but with some Gojo and elbow grease, this would
be a beautiful radio. The cardboard back is present but
deteriorating. $65

Homebrew HF amplifier. This is a well-built sweep tube
amp using 4 6JB6 tubes in push-pull parallel. It is
band-switching covering 80-10 meters.  The front panel
is painted gray and is labeled with magic marker. But
the construction practices are excellent. Looks like
a good little amp. Built-in power supply makes this
a weighty item. $89

Heathkit HD-11 Q-multiplier. This is the one with the
internal power supply and 2-tone green finish. Touch
the paint with some car wax and this will look brand
new. It is working as-designed. $55

Wavetek FB40-75 terminator and adapter kit with return
loss bridge. All components are good for 1-1000Mhz.
This is a small wooden case containing 1 AD-902 BNC to
BNC adapter, 3 AD-903 BNC to F adapters, 1 T-901 BNC
terminator with 1:1 SWR, 1 T-905 BNC terminator with
15.0db mismatch, 1 T-906 BNC terminator with a 19.7db
mismatch, and 1 T-907 BNC terminator with a  25.6db
mismatch. The foam that was in the box has
deteriorated and is gone. Otherwise, this set is
complete and all original. $109

Heathkit LG-1 Laboratory Signal Generator. This covers
HF from 100kc through 30mc in 5 bands. It has internal
modulation or selectable external modulation. Coarse
and fine output attenuation is built in. Carrier level
(in microvolts) and modulation percentage are metered.
Cosmetially, this looks good except for one deep ½
inch long scratch at the top front edge. The black
plastic "nut" is missing from the Ext. Mod. binding
post. The cabinet paint is dirty but will clean up to
excellent with very few marks of any kind. I have
tested this and it seems to be working well. I did not
test calibration accuracy. A look inside this unit
might give you a new respect for Heathkit. The RF
deck, attenuator deck and control deck are 3 separate
copper chassis. The RF and attenuator decks are fully
enclosed. The RF deck is completely isolated from the
front panel. Design practices on this thing were
first-rate. And whoever built it did an excellent
job-the wiring looks professionally done. $59

Hickok 191X Crystal Controlled Microvolt Generator.
This is an HF signal generator covering 125kc through
120mc in 7 bands plus 2 markers at 100kc and 1mc. It
has a built-in VTVM for making DB measurements.
Internal and external modulation is supported. Output
multiplier and input attenuator are provided. Meter
measures percent modlation, DB or microvolts. This is
one of those large blue-case generators that Hickok
made with the metal handle on top. This one needs a
good cleaning and is missing the meter circuit
selector knob. Otherwise complete and original, with
test leads. Untested. $25

Eimac 15E triode NOSB. Pulse tube used in ASB and WWII
IFF sets. $15

National MB-20-SL tank assembly. Used. This is a
4-section cap with a swinging link coil mounted
piggy-back. Wiring to link coil is loose. $20

Another tank assembly. Used, probably removed from an
amateur or commercial rig. It has a 2-section Cardwell
cap with an EFJ 4-hole jackbar on top. and a swinging
link assembly on the side. In the jackbar sits an EFJ
500 ACS/LCS 6 coil with the swinging link rotating
into the middle. Long shafts and couplers on cap and
link arm. $15

Set of 3 carbon steel reamers, NOS in original boxes.
These all have square shanks for use in a brace and
bit or ??. The set includes one Greenfield Tap and Die
#5 wich starts at 1/8" and goes to 3/8". The second
one is Greenfield Tap and Die #6 which starts at 3/8
inch and goes to 1 inch. The third on is a
Chicago-Latrobe Type 135 that starts at ¼" and goes to
2-14 inch. All 3 brand new and unused. Top quality
American made. $49

Old Wall Phone. This is one of the ones where you
crank the handle to run the generator to get the
operator. The mouthpiece is fixed-mounted on the front
and has the number "329" stamped in it. The crank
handle is on the right and the earpiece is on the hook
on the left. The cord that connects the earpiece to
the phone is missing. The front lid opens to expose the
generator and other parts. The box mounts on a wood
base that is about 10.75 inches by 8.5 inches. The
base has holes at the 4 corners to mount on the wall.
Crank the crank and the bell rings. But that's all I
know about this. Nice shape, and all original I think.

Homebrew Transmitter and Tuner. These 2 units are
built inside of matching 7x12x3 inch chassis. By that,
I mean that everything, tubes and all, is mounted what
would normally be "underneath" the chassis. The aprons
of the chassis are used for controls and connectors. A
bottom plate has been added to the chassis and holes
drilled top and botom for ventilation. A paper tag on
the bottom of the transmitter says "80 Mtrs". The
transmitter is a 6Y6 driving an 807. It's CW only with
short leads and solid construction practices. Low
parts count-maybe 35 parts total. Input is via RCA
jack and so is output. 3 pin jacks on the front and a
2-pin mic connector on the rear are for unknown
purposes. The thing I am calling a tuner is divided
into 2 sections. Each section houses a plug-in coil. I
think one section is for input tuning and the other
for output tuning. The input side has a small,
screw-driver adjustable cap and a large neon lamp
visible through a hole in the apron. The other side
has a large cap that looks silver-plated-undoubtedly
mil surplus. That cap resonates a standard B&W 40JEL
coil. A link inside the coil feeds a #47 lamp-tune for
max brightness. Now here's the odd part. There is a
2-conductor short wire soldered to the middle 2 turns
of the coil and going to a crystal socket on the rear
apron. And that's it. So the front panel of this
"tuner" has a knob for the output cap, a lamp lens
through which the #47 shines, and 2 holes, one for the
input cap screwdriver adjustment and another to see
the neon lamp through. The rear apron has 1 RCA jack
going to input, one RCA jack going to output and the
crystal socket coming from the output. So what does
this all add up to. Well, if you stack the 2 units on
top of one another (both have small rubber feet), then
the RCA jacks on the 2 units line up almost perfectly.
So I think these 2 units were jumpered together. If
the crystal socket was used for the balanced output,
then that leaves only 2 unaccounted for connection
points-the 2-pin mic jack and the 3 pin jacks. The
spacing of the pin jacks does not fit any standard xtal
spacing. So where did the crystal plug in? The plot
thickens. To find out more, you have to pay me 35
bucks plus shipping to send these things to you so
you can solve the mystery.

ANYONE want a 1983 Panasonic color video
camera-handheld with zoom and external power supply.
Works but the autofocus does not work right. The
viewfnder screen is all dirty and smeared-it needs
cleaned. With plastic carry case. $15

Thanks for shopping with us today!
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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