[AMRadio] Govt Surplus Recorder

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Apr 5 16:17:29 EDT 2005

Hi Charlie,
Jim WB2FCN here, anymore Scientific Radio Equipment in the auction? I am
still looking for items to complete my system. Info help is appreciated.

Oh, yes it is still snowing up here, Hi Hi.
Tks es 73

charles free wrote:
> Thought I would throw this out there as somebody might
> want to snag this.  In Greenville, SC,  a Dictaphone
> 10 channel (300hz to 3khz freq. response) recorder is
> available for bid until 4/8/05.  This unit has all the
> manuals, some spare parts including record heads, some
> reel/reel tapes, and was working until replaced by a
> digital recorder. The actual recorder is in a 5 1/2 ft
> rack.  A separate bid for the Reproducer unit, which
> contains an identical deck and control unit, but no
> record head, is also listed.  This unit is in a 2 1/2
> ft rack. These operate on 115 VAC, and are in like new
> condition, no dents/dings.  You would be responsible
> for payment by cash, check, or MO, and pick up of the
> unit from the second floor of the Greeville Municipal
> Airport control tower.  An appliance hand truck would
> do the job.
> If interested, let me know and I will email the bid
> package #'s and a telephone contact.  Only serious
> bidders on this because the logistics guy will really
> hate me if he gets alot of calls that bear no fruit.
> Sorry, no pix available because we are too cheap to
> afford a digital camera.  Remember, bid closes on 4/8.
> Charlie
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