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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Apr 14 09:42:13 EDT 2005

For Sale: Military and Military Surplus Reference
Collection. I accumulated this set of references over
about 10 years and it's pretty sharp. I think that
some of these documents are quite rare. These are
originals unless it says otherwise. Free shipping for 
anything $50 and over. 

Navy Day Souvenir Program, October 27, 1930. Nice
shape. $10

Aircraft Radio Equipment, Navy Trn. Courses, NAVPERS
10312, US Navy, 1944. 229 pages. Detailed operating
and usage instructions for a long list of early WWII
aircraft gear including LM, ATC, RU, GF, TA-2J, RL-24,
ATA. G-9, GP, MN-2C, DU-1, ARA and RAT. Good
condition. $60

History of the Squad Radio, ECOM-4451, Reprint. Goes
from the early BC-222/322 to the PRT-9 helmet radio.
Covers US developments only. $20

Reference Data - Field Radio Comm. Equip., SIG 660-63,
Ft. Monmouth, 1953. 150 pages. Lots of photos. A
veritable catalog with photos and specs of all WWII and
Korean-war era military radios. Stunning reference. $80

Reference Data For Field Radios, SIG 660-ST-29, Ft.
Monmouth, 1951. 100 pages, great pictures, includes
some test gear. Starts with BC-611. same as above but
for field radios only. Light water stains
at one edge. $80

Introduction To Radio Equipment, NAVPERS 10172, US
Navy, 1946. 364 pages. Operating, wiring and useage
info for many Navy sets including TBK-TBM, TBL, TBS,
Excellent original. $60

Aircraft Radio, Naval Air Technical Training Center,
Ward Island, Corpus Chriti, Texas. The airfields that
had a training role sometimes published their own
training manuals during the war. This is a photocopy
of one of those. This manual is a repairman's course
covering the following early WWII radio sets and many
accessories: RU, RAX, ARB, LM, DW, DU-1, DZ, GF, GO-3,
GO-9, GP, ARA, ATA, ATB and ATC. This has information
in it that is nowhere else-like the specific radios
installed in each aircraft type in service. $60

Notes on Servicing Radio and Sound Equip., NAVPERS
11001, USN West Coast Sound School, 1942. This reads
almost like a "hints and kinks" for many radio sets
and underwater sound gear. About 125 pages. $15

Radio Operator's Information File, AAF Form 24R, Army
Air Force, 1944. The ROIF is probably the most famous
radio-related document of WWII. Every radio operator
had a copy and several were shipped with each plane.
The ROIF is printed in color (rare for WWII) and is a
quick course in everything the radio operator needs to
know. The ROIF is probably 200 pages and covers much
more than just equipment such as the ART-13, BC-375,
BC-348. Radio compass, ILS and IFF gear is also
covered. The ROIF is a real treat just to browse and a
one-of-a-kind reference for some aircraft radio info.
Very good condition. $100

Radio Set SCR-274N-complete set of manuals reprinted
and comb-bound. This includes operating instructions,
maintenance instructions and spare parts list. Totals
about 300 pages including many fold-out diagrams. The
only way these can be told from originals is the comb
binding. $40/set.

TM 11-227 Signal Communication Equipment Directory.
Photocopy. WWII-era gear. $15

TM 11-487A. MIL-HDBK-161A Military Standardization
Handbook, Electronic Communication Equipment,
DOD, 1964. Half original and the other half copied.
234 pages. Magnificent reference. $80

TM 11-310 C3 Schematic Diagrams for Maintenace of
Ground Radio Sets, Change 3, War Dept., 1944: TM
11-310 is the standard schematic reference for all the
most used Army ground radios of WWIII. THIS IS NOT THE
COMPLETE TM 11-310-this is only CHANGE 3. CHANGE 3
includes some schematics including large foldouts for
BC-312/342. But it is mostly connection diagrams,
mounting instructions, tube layouts and so forth. This
is an original but has no covers-someone tore the
pages out to put in a 3-ring binder. $20

Electrical Communication Systems Engineering, TM
11-486, War Dept., 1945. Incredible 610 page guide to
the implmentation of whole radio systems for use by
various Army units from squad to group level. Starts
with field phones and goes through VHF and Teletype.
Radio equipment is discussed and listed in
comprehensive charts with some excellent photos that
show mountings for radios such as the SCR-510 and
SCR-608. Test sets, connecting cables, facsimile
sets-it's ll here. Absolutely amazing. Original with
torn covers-otherwise very good. $70

Lexington Signal Depot, Radio School, Amplitude
Modulaton Department, 1943. This is a 400 page radio
repairman's training course. It covers specific sets
and has schematics and fold-out diagrams. It covers
the use of famous WWII test sets like the I-56.
There's n theory to speak of-it's all practical,
hands-on stuff, presented in what would later be
called "a programmed lesson approach". Covers BC-611,
BC-223, BC-222, BC-191 and many other sets. You just
browse through this thing and drool. It's that good.
Original with tattered covers. $90

TM 11-487 Electrical Communication Systems Equipment.
Excellent (almost reprint-quality) photocopy. Chapter
14 of this 525 page manual is one of the best
photographic references to all of the land-based
radios used in WWII. The rest of the manual is a
superb, detailed reference on the deployment of those
radios. Outstanding. $50

TM 11-487 Chapter 14 photocopies. I have 2 photocopies
of just chapter 14 from the above manual. Picture
quality is degraded but still quite useful. $8 each.

TM 11-487D Reprint: Directory of U.S. Army Signal
Equipments--Radio Direction Finding Equipment. U. S
Army, 1958. 130 page reference to all the WWII and
Korean-war era RDF sets with great photos. $35

TCS -12 partial manual copy. NAVSHIPS 900, 291-1B.
This has everything but the theory setcions. Collins
Radio Co., 1944. $12

Signal Corps Plugs and Sockets for Aircraft Radio,
1943 photocopy. Compiled by Dayton Signal Corps
Procurement District and Depot. Not an official Signal
Corps publication. 106 pages. Lists plugs used by many
radio types (but not all-one could wish for more). Has
a cross reference of AN and SC type numbers. Just an
awfully useful refernece for restoration work. $30
Radio & Sound Bulletins (photocopies)
1,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18. Throughout
WWII, the Navy Bureau of Ships published these bulletins.
Typically less than 30 pages long, each of these cover 
various topics, sometimes specific radios are discussed, 
sometimes MUF tables are presented,. There are detailed 
repair topics like "Checking Crystals in Frequency Meters"
and so forth. I have never seen a complete set of
these. Some of them may not have survived the war.

German WWII radios info. This is just 5 CQ magazines
with articles of German WWII radios and a set of
photocopies of articles on German WWII radios from
other popular radio magazines. $10/all

Operation Vittles, A Special Study Of The Berlin
Airlift By Aviation Operations Magazine, 1949. This
120-page photo-heavy book covers all aspects of the
mechanics of the Berlin airlift. Radio operatios and
radios used are covered in great detail. Very well
done. A neat piece of history. $15


Caringella & Clark, The Surplus Handbook, Editors &
Engineers, 1959. Excellent. $17

Evenson & Beach, Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Vol.
1, Editors & Engineers, 1948. A couple water stains on
front cover. Otherwise excellent. $15

Evenson & Beach, Surplus Radio Conversion Manual,
Vol. 2, Editors & Engineers, 1948. Very good or
excellent condition. Some writing on front cover. $15

73 Magazine, Second Annual Surplus Issue, June, 1964.
Cover splitting at edge. Otherwise excellent. $3

Kneitel, Tom, Surplus Conversion Handbook, Cowan
Publishing (CQ), 1964. Has cover and binding wear. $15

Orr, William I., Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Vol.
3, Editors & Engineers, 1960. Excellent. $17

Pafenburg, Roy E., Index To Surplus With Supplement,
Covers all articles published about military surplus
in all the popular radio magazines by equipment type
number from 1945 to 1966. 73 Magazine. 1962/66.
Ecellent oriinal condition. $25

Grayson, Kenneth B, CQ Surplus Schematics Handbook,
Cowan Publishing (CQ), 1960. Rip in front cover.
Somewhat dog-eared. $17

Radio News U.S. Aviation Communications Special Issue,
June 1943. Excellent condition. $30

Radio News U. S. Army Signal Corps Special Issue
November, 1942. Excellent Condition. $30

Radio News U. S. Army signal Corps Special Issue,
Febuary, 1944. Excellent Condition. $30

Fair Radio Sales Surplus Catalogs: 1958-1970 (13
issues), 1977, 1982, 1992 - 2004 (13 issues). Total of
28 catalogs, all in good shape. $140 

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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