[AMRadio] FS Antenna Tuners, Knife Switches, Punches

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Apr 18 09:55:39 EDT 2005

FS: Antenna Tuners, Knife Switches, Chassis Punches

Millen 92201 Antenna Tuner. 300W antenna tuner 80M-10M
for 52 ohm coax  Meter. RF out for 'scope. Paint has
flaked off on top. Otherwise very good. I believe this
was built to Lew McCoy's July 1961 QST article. $100

Johnson Viking Matchbox 250-23. No visible serial
number. Classic 275W antenna tuner 80M-10M for 52 ohm
coax or balanced lines. Excellent condition. With
Original E.F. Johnson Viking Matchbox Manual. $130

Johnson Viking Matchbox 250-23. No visible serial
number. Classic 275W antenna tuner 80M-10M for 52 ohm
coax or balanced lines. Has paint scrapes and flaking
on top and along front edges. Relay connectiosn added
or changed. Excellent working condition. $90

Murch UT-2000A Antenna Tuner. HF "Ultimate Transmatch"
in beautiful original condition. With orriginal
instruction sheet. $115

Dentron 160-10AT Antenna Tuner. HF antenna tuner in
black, compact desktop case. Case has a couple
scratches. Front panel is excellent. With manual copy.

Dentron Super Tuner Plus s/n 1721. The Super Tuner
Plus includes a front panel relative power meter, and
a built in front panel antenna switch that handles up
to four antennas. When properly adjusted, the Super
Tuner Plus will tune out reactance and transform the
load impedance to 50-70 ohms. A heavy duty 2 core
balun is included for open wire or single long wire
operations. A selector switch on the front panel
allows selection of an alternate antenna (or dummy
load), bypass, coax, single, and balanced. Power
handling capability of the Super Tuner Plus is 1 KW CW
and 1200 Watts PEP SSB (both measured in DC input to
the final amplifier). The unit is compact but rugged,
in an all-metal tightly shielded cabinet and weighs in
at less than 15 pounds.. Has some scratches and scuffs
but looks very good over all. Cleaned and tightened
connections 2/04. Like new inside. $90

Military Antenna Switch: Huge 3PDT knife switch tagged
 "SW-225 A3167 CAUC  989-DAY-DE-RA" Value: $15

Military Antenna Switch: Huge DPDT knife switch tagged
 "SA-13/U Order No. 4090-DAY-45-CN  CAUC" Value: $15

Greenlee 7/8 inch round punch. Used but good. $9

Sanki Metric Chassis Punch Set in wooden box: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. Used. Kind of beat up condition. $30

Greenlee parts: I have a 1-5/32 inch bit only (no cup) and the bolt. Free.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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