[AMRadio] Re: How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 17:12:38 EDT 2005

Jim Wilhite wrote:

>> W4AWM at aol.com wrote:
>>> how do we get the old "KW Input" for AM back now?
>>> probably impossible..
>>> You might start with your congresspersin.
> We have a couple of hams in congress.  Why not email them, especially 
> hams in their district.  One very good argument for going to DC input 
> is the accuracy of measurement.

Amen.  Hey, I'm all for running a full kW DC input again, and more power 
to those of y'all that can pull it off.  I'm plagued with a bad rash of 

But, still.. for accuracy of measurment, how hard is it to calculate 
500w DC input?  (uh, gee.. 2500v x 200mA =... Cornbread?)   ;-)

Besides, Jim - given that Class C finals are 75% efficient (on average), 
what's 75% of 500w?

(just to point you in the right direction, 500w DC input is -half- of 
what we -could- run, given that 1500w PEP is 'generically considered' to 
be 100% modulation of the product of 75% of a 500w carrier.)

Can I be an instructor now, Don?  ;-)

So, we're  NOT down 25% of what we -could- run as some lamented.. it's 
realistically only 50%.

The saying back in those days was:
"They'll get my kilowatt when they pry my D-104 from my cold dead fingers"
"When AM Kilowatts are outlawed, then only outlaws will be running AM 
(which in some cases isn't that far from the truth ;-))

Think about it, fellas.  Asymetrical Audio.  Run 500w DC input - have 
enough power to modulate the carrier - run 3kW pep
output, and tell the eff cee cee that "my carrier power is 375w!  I'm 
LEGAL!"  No, really - DO IT!  Currently, (as Jim aptly
pointed out) who's gonna measure?  How could that measurment stand up in 
court?  Where are they measuring, at the Final,
or at the Antenna?

I think, that if a good, solid, well-built/constructed AM rig was 
operated in a gentlemany manner, then that person doesn't draw
that much negative attention to himself and be nice, polite.. 
Gentlemanly  (sorry, I just ain't heard no female AM'ers) and you'll
fly under the radar as long as you maintain.  And, you could be running 
a kW DC input. (which, btw, is 750w of carrier, and
only 3kW PEP if modulated with a sine-wave to 100% but who talks in 

73 = Best Regards,

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