[AMRadio] Re: How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Sun Aug 7 17:51:47 EDT 2005

You want high efficient AM transmitters, go here:

Pete, wa2cwa

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 15:21:15 -0500 Geoff <w5omr at satx.rr.com> writes:
> The way *I* see it, we only lost 500w.  Run your AM rig at 500w DC 
> input 
> to the final, and let the audio fall where it may. 
> Perhaps some of the guys on the air will get more interested in 
> making 
> their final more efficient - find better ways to modulate their rigs 
> - 
> get some of the trashier sounding rigs off the air, by -helping- 
> that 
> ham with working on -his- rig.  Get the ol' commraderie going, 
> again. 
> I can build stuff... I just need to have someone around to talk to, 
> joke 
> with, laugh at.. er, with (hehe) .. I'm just not a good 
> self-motivator.  
> Besides, working a project together is what fosters friendships and 
> forges bonds that keep you tied in a hobby together, for a 
> lifetime.
> Speaking of which, Patrick... you ever get your General Class 
> license?  
> I can't -wait- to hear some of that Big Iron you've got up there, on 
> the 
> air.
> ---
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR

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