[AMRadio] AM power and other folks

charles free mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 8 14:08:35 EDT 2005

Well, I have a ham buddy that purchased that top dollar amp from Australia, which he cusses nightly by the way.  He installed in another room, separate from his shack, running an external blower through it that is just short of enough thrust to coax an F16 into the air.  He likes to say that he has it for the ability to run "The American Legal Limit" on SSB.  The amp is capable of putting out 5KW, which does seem to help in breaking that DX pile up.  
Soooo....I don't think the FCC has the capability to determine your power input via through the air monitoring, unless they know your transmitter type and efficiency, feedline characteristics, antenna gain/height, distance from station etc.  Their primary reason for looking at you is when they get sufficient complaints from outside sources about RFI.  So, stick to the rules and be safe, but every now and then, crank that AM rig up where it was designed to run, and blow the carbon out.  
Charlie in NC

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