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Thu Aug 11 00:14:40 EDT 2005

I don't have the web page book marked on the  computer that I am on typing 
out this email, but do a google search for DRM. I  remember somewhere on the net 
where it seemed like one could down load the DRM  software to send and 
receive this digital system which is becoming quite popular  with shortwave radio 
stations. There is the commercial version and a version  that a ham overseas has 
on a website if I remember correctly, so look closely.  DRM isn't to be 
confused with iBiguitys IBOC system.....the two work in a  similar fashion, just 
the codecs are different and not compatible.

Next  problem for anyone experimenting with this...one thought that SSB 
operators cry  foul every time an AM operation commences...hehehe, DRM will 
generate much more  havoc for people either side of the frequency that you are on 
with an annoying  constant hiss. 

Bob Carter -  KC4QLP
Echolink  RF node 56703 , 56704 / eQSO [RX] crosslink
145.250 VHF repeater,440.850 UHF  link,29.630  repeater

The  net is a wild frontier.Dont like what you read,use your delete  key.

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On 8/8/05, John Coleman ARS WA5BXO  <wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com> wrote: 
> Something new to deal  with.  Looks like this will go over better than AM
> stereo.
>  _prev2

Maybe we can get the Class E guys to design us some add-on  converter
boxes for our old tube transmitters so we can keep up?   (o:

I still like the idea of diversity reception with stereo  headphones.
Defintely something to try!

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ  

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