[AMRadio] Re: How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Fri Aug 12 08:25:05 EDT 2005

> You like fiddlin', and that's fine.  But, for me (and I think some 
> others here agree) there's nothing finer than saying "rig here is 
> homebrew" and getting that "man, that's a good sounding rig" report in 
> return.  The feeling is indescribable.

You get a lot of bang for the buck with home brew.

You get all the fun of planning the design, including things you like
such as protection circuits, front panel layout, metering, etc.
You get to design it just how you want it.

Then you get to select parts, I go with WAY oversize and over rated parts.

Then there is the fun of actually building the thing, nice paint, parts 
placed so they look nice, say in a line and centered, symmetrical
panel layout, controls labeled, etc.

Then you get to test it, and make any improvements to make it work
real well,

Then you get to use it, over and over.

I am almost all home brew, two tube type superhet receivers, and two and a
transmitters, (the pair of 4d32's rig is half done), home made antenna's.

I need to build a multi band exciter deck to drive the various rigs, and
an audio driver setup, eq, compression, mixing, mike amp, power output.
Then I will be all home brew except for the microphone.

The receivers were more fun than anything else, because they are small
and easy to work on, a lot less metal work, more experimentation....

Another advantage to well made home brew is its reliability, since its all
been built robustly (unlike commercial 'ham' gear), it just works and works,
even after
mental burnouts like not connecting the antenna to the correct rig...



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