[AMRadio] Raytheon One Thousand

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Fri Aug 12 14:16:09 EDT 2005

So I see you retired a RA1000 there... I parted out the one I took apart at KBIM in Roswell last year. It had some big iron and very interesting RF inductors, with that Push Pull 833 RF stage. The output L with variometer will go into a first class balanced line tuner at some point in the future. Having motorized controls as well!!! Both modulation reactors and an RCA modulation transformer (mine had a spare L with it, 60 Hy) went to local AMers building new rigs - avoiding shipping costs.  Many of the chokes and transformers got out to hams and also to a surplus dealer in Albuquerque where they were sold off. I was happy to take the trouble parting it up like that, as it was worth a lot more to several builders than to someone trying to fix it up (was in very sad condition when I scavenged it). Sometimes the vultures are a better ending of big rigs like that - although i know there are several still on the air on MW as well as in conversions. 


> Speaking of ebay, I have some "heavy metal" up on ebay. [  
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Raytheon-RA-1000-AM-Broadcast-transmitter_W0QQitemZ5797817632QQcategoryZ4675Q
> QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem  ]
> (watch the URL wrap)
> I had this thing up earlier in the month and  got burned by W4YR, so without 
> going into detail here on the list as to what  happen, there is a broadcast 
> transmitter out there that needs to go. It is  currently 80% disassembled. (give 
> W4YR credit for that!) The manual and  schematics come with this...so 
> refurbishing this thing would be easy. I'm moving  to NY and I need the $$$ to aid in 
> moving...not to mention storing it until  getting a large house/garage...its 
> just a bit more than I can financially handle  right now. 
> If a group of folks want to get together and get this for the  parts, I'll 
> consider that too...but one way or the other...its gotta be "outta  here" by the 
> end of the month or early Sept. if all possible.
> Bob  Carter
> Operations/Engineering--Max Media Radio Group/NC  Division
> WGAI-NewsRadio 560 AM Stereo .., WCXL 104.1 Beach 104..., WQDK  99.3
> Q-Country..., WCMS 94.5  WaterCountry

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